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  • If my lawyer withdraws from my case does that mean the other party will win automaticly?

    Lawyer is withdrawing from case

    Edwin’s Answer

    The merits of the case are exactly the same. It just means you get to (a) represent yourself or (b) hire another laywer.

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  • Deed of home not in my name just late husband's. Can I do a qiuck claim to put it in my name. He had no heirs just me, no will.

    Late husband bought home before we married, after a few years we refinanced and my name was on the mortgage. After he passed I called and had the mortgage changed to my name. Can a quick claim be done to put the deed in my name?

    Edwin’s Answer

    You'll need to open an estate. You can't quit-claim (not "quick claim" anything owned by your husband. The fact that you are on the note is not relevant to ownership.

    Go see a probate attorney. He or she can help you straighten this out.

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  • Do we need to go to probate?

    My mother passed away and had no will. She had gave me power of attorney. She has not car, owes on her home and has less than 1000 in the back. There are two small loans, but they will be covered. My brothers want me to handle everything so I gues...

    Edwin’s Answer

    The POA ends upon death. Don't use it for anything at this point.

    You may be able to use the Small Estate procedure to settle your mother's estate. Call Matt Duggin in Knoxville at (865) 357-9988. The guy knows what he is doing and his fee is reasonable.

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  • Why is it to late to sue when you have been bounced from one doctor to another and finally start getting answers 4 later?

    It shouldn't matter on how long it has been if no one has been able to give you answers and have thrown you away like yesterday's garbage that has happen since the surgeries like after the first one my surgeon left and released me didn't reassign ...

    Edwin’s Answer

    I'm sorry you were treated poorly. If you are talking about medical malpractice, you have one-year from the date the malpractice was committed, (or in certain situations, you have a year from the date the malpractice was discovered) to file suit.

    Recently, the Tennessee legislature effectively shortened the statute of limitations to 10 months because they now require you to notify the doctor of suit 60 days before suit is filed.

    Medical malpractice cases extremely are costly to pursue and difficult to win. The fact that you were treated poorly by a physician or member of his or her staff is not malpractice--it's rudeness, but that isn't illegal.

    If more than one lawyer has told you they won't take the case, it's because it's not a good case of malpractice.

    I have re-tagged your question as a medical malpractice question. For some reason, it was tagged as Labor and Employment.

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  • What is the best way to go about helping police in exchange for help on my pending case??

    I've contacted the agency that is over my charge. They said they are willing to help me in exchange for me being a c.i. for them . I'm worried about "trusting" them that they will help me in the end. My main concern is that I DO get help in return...

    Edwin’s Answer

    Remember that Police are allowed to lie to you. You may or may not get the "help" they promised. You may get yourself in deeper.

    Go talk to a good criminal defense lawyer before you talk to the police again.

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  • A friend who was in foster care and was forced to sign over her parental rights i was wondering if she can get her daughter back

    it was 6 yrs ago and she is allowed to see her once a year. they live in Vermont.

    Edwin’s Answer

    Ms. Hackett is exactly right. Go back and read her answer again.

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  • Legally what happens if police get involved with a 16 year old dating a 20 year old

    Hello I'm 15 my birthday is September 14th so here soon I will be 16. The guy I've been talking to is 19 and will be turning 20 September 27th. My parents think he's 17 because he looks so young that's how the relationship got started. I look olde...

    Edwin’s Answer

    Ready for some good advice? Here goes:

    1. Don't have sex while you are underage.
    2. If you can't follow #1, use a condom every single time.
    3. Don't lie to your parents.

    Here is a good summary of the child rape laws and statutory rape laws in Tennessee. No matter how you feel about this guy, he will have committed one of these crimes if you have a sexual encounter with him.

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  • My friend and I were stopped by a police officer because he was behind us and we turned off into a store parking lot. He came up

    to the driver window and said that we were avoiding him and asked for her license and my id. Is that legal to stop us for Avoiding him? Everyone I know avoids the police because we don't want to get a ticket. Can we use the Terry vs. Ohio for a de...

    Edwin’s Answer

    Were you cited or arrested? You don't say.

    If you were, hire an attorney right away to defend you. The officer's actions before the stop may be relevant and the attorney can take steps to preserve evidence that might help you.

    If you weren't, chalk it up to experience. You can complain about the officer to his superiors, but I have a feeling that complaint will fall on deaf ears.

    Here is some good information on traffic stops that may help you in the future.

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  • Can I be arrested for nonpayment of child support while on workman's comp?

    I lost my job 2 months ago because I was no longer able to work because of a workman's comp injury from 4 months earlier. Child support payments were being deducted from my weekly paychecks. I will start receiving temp workman's comp checks any da...

    Edwin’s Answer

    Could you? Yes, but it's not very likely in the beginning.

    Your best move is to hire a lawyer to file a Petiiton to Modify your support amount based on the new circumstances (your injury/wages being lower).

    Use the "Find a Lawyer) button to locate a good child support lawyer.

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  • Can an attorney do anything for me.

    I was charged with refusal to submit in 2012. I thought the diversion was going to clear this from my record. I have a CDL and the refusal is still on my mvr. Can anything be done?

    Edwin’s Answer

    Mr. Cannon is exactly right. Go back and read his answer again. Good luck.

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