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Mark Thomas Freeman

Mark Freeman’s Client Reviews

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  • 5.0 stars

    Posted by a client

    Trial experience

    Having been in political positions and viewing numerous trials and representations, I have a good comparison from a professional and personal perspective. Mark's communication of law and stratigies is superb. We were extremely comfortable during the trial as Mark's explanation of what was happening from both the plaintiff and defendant's position was very helpful. His ability to examine expert testimony documents is superb. This skill and his ability to cross examine expert testimony during the trial is paramount to the process. Mark stratigecally planned and executed our defense. He is more than adequate and demonstrates upmost professionalism. The repor he exhibits with apposing council and the judge is professional and effective. What impressed me the most was his ability to make key points through various avenues. He effectively stressed important facts by cross examining a witness or through presentations of motions.

    No matter the outcome of our trial, we feel that we could not have been represented any better. Our position was presented in the best way possible. After reflecting back over the entire process, we feel nothing was left out. Mark listened to every thing we said and found a way to incorporate our feelings and position effectively. We would definitely use him again in any situation.

    Thank you Mark for making such a stressful and humiliating process bearable.

  • 5.0 stars

    Posted by Andrew

    Child custody

    I retained attorney mark freeman in feb. 2012, for a custody dispute that had begun in California then had a change of venue to Davidson county Tn. During the course of our litigation mark kept me informed of things that were going on. From getting the file transferred from California to Tennessee, filings of the other party, and discussions he had with the other parties counsel.
    When it came to depositions mark was very skilled. He prepared me very well to be questioned by asking me tough questions so that when I was asked them in court or at deposition I would get the "deer in headlights" look. When questioning the opposing side he was very skilled and crafty in how he would ask questions. Building a box around the defendant so that when he asked the critical questions there was no way they could not answer the way we wanted or avoid telling us the truth we wanted to hear.
    There were many hearings and two trials during my custody litigation. During both hearings and trials, mark would very clearly present our case to the magistrate or judge. He had gone over with me the points of a comparative fitness test for child custody and we talked about how to give my testimony so that we covered those points. Mark in court was very confident and that confidence helped me to feel confident so that I could focus on giving testimony and responding well to being cross-examined.
    Through out the time I've worked with mark freeman, he would take the time have phone conversations with me, answering all my questions, explaining everything that was transpiring and what it meant. What our strategy was and what he felt the oppositions strategy was. He knew what motions to file in response to events that had taken place in the defendants life that had affected our case. I should mention that since I live in California and there is a two hour time difference, mark would take the time have these conversations with me on a Saturday or Sunday evening at what would of been ten o'clock in the evening for him.
    Although the custody matter has been resolved now, there is still so issues that I will need marks services for. We have a trial for contempt since my child's mother is not paying me child support, and I sure there will be requests to modify the parenting plan.
    Mark told me in the beginning of this that we had a good case that we could win, he was always honest with me and is very trustworthy. I would recommend him to anyone who has child custody or civil litigation issues.

  • 5.0 stars

    Posted by Steve

    Wish I started with him

    Mark delivered what my prior attorney did not. For this alone I give him a good review. However he additionally showed true concern and interest in my case. He was timely in responding and I felt I had hired somebody who was actually interested in my case and not taking advantage of me. Anybody getting into the legal world and needing their service should take the time to review and consult with the person. I would recommend meeting with Mark and see what you find would likely be a genuine professional in his trade.

  • 5.0 stars

    Posted by tom

    radar speeding citation while passing thru Nashville on rt. 40

    Mr. Freeman responded quickly, explained the issues, and acted well on my behalf. The result was very

  • 5.0 stars

    Posted by a Landlord & Tenant client

    My angel

    Mark Freeman is a angel. I was evicted , sued for damages, I didn't have a lot of money. I called Mr. Freeman one day before my court date. He agreed to take my case charged a small fee .I was given a certain amount to pay for my damages well, I didn't have extra money to pay my fees to clear my record so that I would be allowed to rent again. Mr . Freeman told me to give the money that I owed him to pay for my damages. I cried, after what I been through I didn't think there were any nice people in the world. My god bless you! Thanks a million

  • 5.0 stars

    Posted by Frank

    The Best ADA Attorney in Nashville !

    Mark Freeman helped us file an ADA case against an employer with a beneficial outcome. Mark kept us up to date on the case and was accessible by phone and email whenever we needed him. Mark is very knowledgeable in ADA law and after our positive experience with him, he comes highly recommended. If you are contemplating filing a ADA discrimination case and you need to know where you stand, Mark Freeman is the man. Mark Freeman is the kind of person I am proud to call my friend.

  • 5.0 stars

    Posted by Jerry E.

    Mark Freeman is a First Class Attorney

    Mark Freeman has represented our family and several of our companies over the years. Mark is an outstanding attorney who has a brilliant mind and is very detail oriented. He is always looking for what is our best interest and not once has attempted to pad a bill in any way; he is very conscious of what our total spend will be. Mark's mission is to get the very best outcome for our interests.

    Mark Freeman also returns phone calls, text messages, and emails in a timely manner; he does not hide from you. We have had the great misfortune of using a different attorney in the past who was a ghost and did not keep us informed on the progress of our case.

    I trust Mark Freeman’s implicitly. He is of very high character and he does not lie.

    In addition to all of the above attributes, Mark Freeman is a man who has a great family. Mark is a dedicated Father and Husband. Mark Freeman is good people. We are thankful to call Mark Freeman friend.

    Our family and businesses would endorse Mark Freeman in the most affirmative way in any legal matter that you would encounter.

  • 5.0 stars

    Posted by Sean

    Outstanding attorney in Nashville

    After several frustrating experiences with 3 other much more expensive attorneys, I was referred to Mark Freeman over 4 years ago, and he has been my attorney ever since in a very long and drawn out divorce / child support issue. Mark is extremely honest, fair and knowledgeable in the areas of divorce and family law, and I would (and have) recommend him far and above other attorneys I have used, some of whom are very high profile and charge MUCH more, yet delivered far less in terms of their attention to and skill with my case. For over 4 years I followed Mark's advice during several hearings, depositions, mediation attempts and appeals, and in the end we received a very fair yet favorable final outcome. The overall value is outstanding and I highly recommend Mark Freeman and will continue to use him for my legal needs.

  • 5.0 stars

    Posted by LeGrand

    Extremely Satisfied Client

    I can not fully express the peace that Mark Freeman and Joey Fuson brought to me during and after my business with them. I am young (20 yrs) and had no experience in the court system. I am thankful for their sincerity with me as I was fearful of them taking advantage of me. There was no loop holes or deception. Everything they told me was cut and dry. I was extremely scared after the mistake I made. I knew I was not a bad person but this would not appear to be so on paper. They both are honest, hardworking men who I now consider friends. They took the time to get to know me on a personal level and gave me so much relief. I can still vividly remember how I ran out of their office so happy and felt like I could breathe again. This relief continued through the entire case until the verdict was even better than what I expected. I can now go on with my life without one mistake ruling my future and goals. I accredit this all to them.

  • 4.0 stars

    Posted by a Class Action client

    Client Review

    Mark Freeman has been a up front Atttorney. He has handled my case with professional knowledge and returned my calls in a timely matter and got the my case dropped. If you need any professional advise and a good attorney I highly recomend you calling Mark Freeman. Excellent Job