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James Robin McKinney Jr

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  • Criminal citation in Nashville, Tennessee ?

    Don't be tricked into thinking a criminal citation is a minor deal . If you plead guilty to a theft , simple possession of a drug charge , and a alcohol charge , a criminal conviction will follow you

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  • What to do if your stopped for a DUI in Tennessee ?

    A lot of people are uncertain of what their rights are if they are stopped for DUI in Tennessee . Do you have to admit to drinking ? No . Should you admit to drinking ? No. Do you have to do field so

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  • Women's Issues In Tennessee DUI Cases

    In Nashville ,Tennessee , the number of women that have been charged for drunk driving continues to grow. Women have some specfic issues in defending their DUI case. I hope the video answers at least one question as to the field sobriety tests.

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  • What is a Preliminary Hearing ?

    The Chinese strategist Sun Tzu wrote " One who is fully prepared awaits the unprepared will be victorious ." Preperation starts at the preliminary hearing. Everyday I see criminal lawyers in various counties waving a preliminary hearing for no obvious reason. I can see waiving a...

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  • How To Get A Restricted Driver's License in Tennessee

    If you are convicted for a first offense drunk driving charge (DUI) or an implied consent charge, you can get a restricted license.View the video for more information.

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  • How to Expunge your Record In Tennessee

    One of the most frequently asked questions that I get in my practice is about expungements.Since , we are now The TV generation . I produced a short video on the expungement process. I hope you find this helpful.

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  • Can I Get a Tennessee Driver's License if Convicted of a DUI?

    Where can you drive ? You can drive to and from work,to and from school,to and from alcohol treatment, and to and from church. How to Apply Go to the clerk of the court in the county in which you liv

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  • How to Avoid a DUI Conviction in Tennessee

    Was the Traffic Stop Valid ? A police officer must have probable cause or reasonable suspicion that a crime or traffic violation occurred.Some traffic stops are illegal.An illegal traffic stop equals

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