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Randy William Ferguson

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  • Can I sign a warrant out for her arrest for driving without insurance and destruction of property?

    I was T-boned by a driver that ran a stop sign and was driving without insurance. She received a ticket for no proof of insurance and my truck received about $15,000 in damage.

    Randy’s Answer

    No. You can file suit against them. Do you have uninsured motorist?

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  • Could I have those boys arrested for sending those videos to my son encouraging him to harm and kill himself?

    My son is battling depression and was put on medication to help about 9 months ago. He also used to cut himself, but has since stopped that. He has also switched schools due to harassment. Last Friday night, he received several videos and pictu...

    Randy’s Answer

    I would contact his counselor and discuss with him or her before you do anything. They might recommend appropriate treatment. I would make copies of videos and call the police. I would also consider sending them to the school board, school and their parents. You might want to contact local media.

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  • Can I force her to adjust the price of the home to a reasonable price. And can she refuse to sell her portion?

    My aunt and I are part owners (55%) of a property in Huntsville Alabama. The lady who owns the other 45% of the property is refusing to lower the price on the property to a price that is reasonable in order to sell the property and has threatened ...

    Randy’s Answer

    You might have to file suit to force a sale of the home.

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  • I want to get expunged or a pardon

    I have 2 felonies 1 youthful offender felony and several several misdemeanors, I want to see about getting my record expunged or a pardon and was wondering about the requirements and the cost

    Randy’s Answer

    You can't expunge convictions in Alabama.

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  • What will or can happen in court ?

    A person was arrested on a charge domestic violence in 3rd degree no warrant no one pressing charges what will happen when they go to court

    Randy’s Answer

    Officer probably pressing the charges. They will subpoena the victim. If no attorney, they will try to convict them of the crime. Hire an attorney.

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  • Should I obtain a lawyer or will it mostly be a waste of time?

    Me, my son, and his father were involved in a 3 car accident on Christmas Day 2015. The 2 drivers of the other cars were intoxicated and street racing when they topped a hill and hit us. One driver left the car and fled the scene. The other guy ...

    Randy’s Answer

    You should hire an attorney if you were injured in the accident.

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  • What can we do to get her license back

    My daughter got her license suspended 5-6 yrs ago because of an accident . She paid all the fines and al. Gave her her license back. Now the finance company suspended her license again and claim they can't find her payments. She tried to make p...

    Randy’s Answer

    Get copy of payment info. Attorney can help you talk to them. State must have suspended license.

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  • How much are the fees going to be?

    I'm 15 years old and I was caught shoplifting at Walmart.I was maybe $40 dollars worth of movies and a shirt. The movies were damaged. I have never been in any trouble before this. They said they would send me a letter concerning restitution fees.

    Randy’s Answer

    Were you arrested or taken to juvenile detention? May or may not be charged.

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  • Are children of deceased father entitled to anything or does everything go to the stepmom that has 2children from previos marria

    Father dies with no will. Does the stepmother get everything? They have no children together and me and my sistet are his only children. Are we entitled to anything?

    Randy’s Answer

    You should talk to a probate attorney.

    Share of the spouse.

    The intestate share of the surviving spouse is as follows:

    (1) If there is no surviving issue or parent of the decedent, the entire intestate estate;

    (2) If there is no surviving issue but the decedent is survived by a parent or parents, the first $100,000.00 in value, plus one-half of the balance of the intestate estate;

    (3) If there are surviving issue all of whom are issue of the surviving spouse also, the first $50,000.00 in value, plus one-half of the balance of the intestate estate;

    (4) If there are surviving issue one or more of whom are not issue of the surviving spouse, one-half of the intestate estate;

    (5) If the estate is located in two or more states, the share shall not exceed in the aggregate the allowable amounts under this chapter.

    (Acts 1982, No. 82-399, §2-102.)

    Section 43-8-42

    Share of heirs other than surviving spouse.

    The part of the intestate estate not passing to the surviving spouse under section 43-8-41, or the entire intestate estate if there is no surviving spouse, passes as follows:

    (1) To the issue of the decedent; if they are all of the same degree of kinship to the decedent they take equally, but if of unequal degree, then those of more remote degree take by representation;

    (2) If there is no surviving issue, to his parent or parents equally;

    (3) If there is no surviving issue or parent, to the issue of the parents or either of them by representation;

    (4) If there is no surviving issue, parent or issue of a parent, but the decedent is survived by one or more grandparents or issue of grandparents, half of the estate passes to the paternal grandparents if both survive, or to the surviving paternal grandparent, or to the issue of the paternal grandparents if both are deceased, the issue taking equally if they are all of the same degree of kinship to the decedent, but if of unequal degree those of more remote degree take by representation; and the other half passes to the maternal relatives in the same manner; but if there be no surviving grandparent or issue of grandparent on either the paternal or the maternal side, the entire estate passes to the relatives on the other side in the same manner as the other half.

    (Acts 1982, No. 82-399, §2-103.)

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  • What is a good settelment on a 6 % disabilty rateing for an on the job injury

    i hurt my shoulder at work an had 2 surgeries an was out for close to 10 months

    Randy’s Answer

    It all depends on your hourly wage, if you are returning to work and if you are closing your medicals.

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