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Trey Malbrough

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  • 5.0 stars

    Posted by Brittany


    I did something very very stupid when i was younger and i also at the time held a professional license which was at risk and that believe it or not was my biggest worry! This was the 1st time i had ever been in trouble but had dealt with lawyers for other reasons divorce, child support etc. When this mishap happened i called every lawyer in my area and all of them had negative things to say about possible outcomes they were not willing to fight for me and that was what i was looking for not to mention a lawyer i could afford. I submitted my issue to this website looking for a lawyer and trey called me himself right away, at 1st being that it was the actual lawyer calling me i thought it was a scam but the more he talked the more i realized it wasnt. He was so positive about the possible outcomes but also told me what could happen but he laid out his course of action to begin with a plan A and B both being in my favor with no conviction to lesser of conviction i loved the way he laid it all out for me and also he was willing to work with me as far as my limited income he was the best attorney i had talked to about taking my case and boy was i right!! I never talked to a secretary, i had his personal # he communicated more to me about my case than any other attorney i have ever worked with and he was upfront and truthful. And even while he was my attorney i had other things come up car accident i was able to ask him advice about anything legal, also with this charge pending on my background it was hard to find a job but he would always fax a typed letter on his letterhead to help me get the job and i did everytime!! And trey was truly a lifesaver because what i was charged with he was able to get dismissed completely! No joke! I was shocked! No probation or programs just dismissed even after i confessed! With no trial or nothing just dismissed! And let me tell you for this to be completely dismissed was a once in a lifetime oppurtunity! He had no problem approaching the D.A who was not the nicest over and over till he got the resolve we wanted! I recommend him to anyone who asks me about attorneys i would use him over and over for anything legal i need done! In fact he will be working on getting this expunged off my record! He really understands how people makes mistakes and most of all he really understood about my professional license being at stake that was also one of his main prioritys! Because the other attorneys did not care about my licensure or how it could be affected trey knew exactly how to handle it and exactly how worried i was about it! He really did make it one of his highest prioritys for me to keep my licensure which he understood was my livelihood and in the end because of trey I did keep it!! and even though i know he has other clients i felt like i was his only client he knew my case inside out! He was a life saver literally and i would use him over and over for any legal issue on the legal spectrum. If you are looking for a lawyer who cares, makes you feel like a priority, truthful, communicates, no dealing with receptionists and a lawyer who will fight tooth and nail for you until he feels you and him both are satisfied with the outcome then trey malbrough is your attorney!! I cant cant say enough!!!

  • 1.0 star

    Posted by a client

    Poor and wrong advice

    Trey gave wrong information and dis encouraged the legal actions that a new attorney rebutted saying he wasn't correct. He was reported to the bar by the judge in my case, along with 5 other attorneys recommended a grievence towards wrongful misrepresentation. I would hire a more experienced lawyer who doesn't overcharge for his lateness in due process. He will hopefully stop practicing before the bar takes action.

  • 5.0 stars

    Posted by Natasha

    Brilliant Lawyer, So Grateful I Received a Referral to Him

    I recommend Trey all the time--to friends and colleagues to strangers I happen to connect with in casual conversation. In fact, that's how I heard of him. I made a connection with someone who was receiving his services in a divorce case and she told me he was brilliant and she was enjoying working with him. Several months later I was in a car accident. I spoke to several lawyers in depth and felt discouraged by their dispassion. I ran into the person who referred me to him again and she gave me his card. She also gave me the update on her case and from that point on I was determined to have Trey as my attorney.
    My car accident was devastating...I was in physical therapy for nine months in excruciating pain. There was no part of my life that was not damaged or affected by it. I was overwhelmed by everything and needed a lawyer, someone who I could rely on to take care of the problem for me, to advocate for me. Trey took over immediately.
    One thing that is unique about Trey is that you get his direct number. I never spoke to or was even aware if he had a receptionist. I could call him or text himwhenever I needed to and received a prompt response. He had and has many cases, but you will feel like you are his only client. He called me on weekends and late in the evening--he seemed to always be working on MY case.
    I did not have to worry about anything. Trey already had it covered. He was very knowledgable and let me offer input, as well as ask any question I needed to, even if it was something very obvious. He had tremendous patience, is very likeable, confident, reassuring and proactive. I had total faith in Trey from the outset and he never gave me a moment's concern.
    Another thing every client Trey has will notice about him is that he is a master chess player in legal maneuvering. As far as advocating for you, Trey will stack the deck in your favor and consider all angles in advance. Whenever we would speak, he had an update for me. The updates were always something interesting and positive. I was impressed with his genius, but the next time I spoke to him, he'd done even better in negotiating than I had expected from the last time I spoke to him. He seem surprised by my reaction...Trey is very humble and I don't think he realizes how clever he truly is. Butt I do know that Trey is brilliant and I know he enjoys his job. I think it's obvious that Trey's drive to help people brings him joy and he enjoys dealing with obstacles. I think he thrives on difficult situations.
    Trey is shrewd. I never anticipated that my accident would become so physically devastating, but I also never anticipated hat I would find a lawyer that would do all for me that he did. The resolution to my case surprised and delighted me...after all I had been through, he negotiated a settlement that took care of everything, and each time I spoke to him, again, he had even better news.
    One thing I must say is that Trey is so clever that it is almost entertaining. I would love to watch him litigate. I have asked him to write a book. I hear so much from friends who have dealt with issues in the fields of his expertise. Their lawyers are dispassionate, difficult to contact, unmotivated and prioritize cases in a way that made them feel disenfranchised. Not me. I never felt that way. He was the ONLY bright spot in this whole ordeal. I felt I was in such good hands that my only problem was just to focus on recovery.
    One other thing--I made Trey promise me he would never represent someone against me. He is not someone I would want to go up against, and I do not think there's an attorney I would think was proactive or clever enough to best him. I certainly have never heard of one.
    Please excuse the typos. This box does not let me go back to correct the mistakes.

  • 5.0 stars

    Posted by Jill

    Trey was extremely helpful

    Trey helped us with my brother's divorce. He was extremely thoughtful, helpful, and when we needed him at the spur of the moment, he was there.
    It was the most enjoyable experience I have had with a lawyer. I'd highly recommend him.

  • 5.0 stars

    Posted by Lindsey

    Excellent Attorney Experience

    I absolutely loved that the first time I called, Trey answered the phone instead of a receptionist. He was very informative and willing to take time to answer all of my questions. I actually needed the agreement a lot faster than I had expected. Trey was wonderful enough to process the agreement in an amazing amount of time. GREAT EXPERIENCE!

  • 5.0 stars

    Posted by Mandy

    An attorney that fought for me

    I feel that Trey truly cared about my case and always had my best interest at heart. It took a while to get a date with the court, and he never lost patience with my questions or concerns. He was always prompt about returning my phone calls and emails, and was very professional while still showing compassion. I would highly recommend his services, as he fought for me throughout the entire process.

  • 5.0 stars

    Posted by Mark

    Wise beyond his years and extreemely dedicated to his clients

    Anyone on the fence, trying to select a good attorney from a crowd of passe and unknown attorney's let it be known, Trey Marlborough does NOT put forth 110%, he doesn't quit there, based on my expectations, Trey put forth 150%. When I suggested we can relax now, he would not. I think I am a smart guy being a 55 year old professional engineer but I learned from Trey that I only knew enough to get myself in allot of trouble. It took some time but my confidence in Trey grew very quickly... like "Compelled". I learned that you can have what you think is a hands down, tons of objective evidence, slam dunk case but if the opposition has a good attorney, they can twist the law and you can still lose the case. Having a good attorney and one who knows the law and how to do research and "Forensics" is absolutely required, or it is a roll of the dice at best. Trey adapted to constantly changing tactics from a team of lawyers from one of the top corporate law firms in this major metropolitan area. Trey early on defined multiple ways to "strategically" present the case and then "tactically" fine tune changes in stride and thwart what seemed to be a limitless budget of resources on the opposing defense. For several days prior to and during 3 days of court Trey worked late every night, even into the morning hours some nights, adapting to their morphing tactics, laming them in every respect. I hate to say it but court appears to this layman to be an elaborate chess game that Trey has become very adept at.
    Trey welcomes client participation and support. I supported him best I could and let him steer. I have put my foot in my mouth several times and Trey is very forgiving and explains reasons why and why not, very well. He is a very good communicator. I am a 55 year old "Geezer" engineer and I was amazed at Trey's ability to learn and retain the details of a very complex case quickly. There was a tremendous amount of detail in my case and in short order he was completely familiar with everything, how it all unfolded and fit together. He has a remarkable memory for voluminous emails, events and details that spanned almost 3 years. Trey exhibited forensic analysis that Sherlock Holmes would be proud of; in the final days of preparation and in cooperation with one top notch engineering expert witness, Trey discovered a paper trail that proved illegal activity by the defendant that was weak previously, and thereby made the most valuable part of the case. Even one of the defendants own expert engineering witnesses was "Surprised" by these facts during his testimony, embarrassing and severely damaging he defendants case. The defendants with a seemingly limitless budget bought in a circus of fact and expert witnesses (we had only one). In testimony / cross examination he successfully turned just about every witness for the defense to our favor buy revealing slanted reports, diluting their credibility/ indicating perjury, etc...
    Trey was always very professional, polite and respectful, even in the face of what I called a very experienced "Screamer" attorney in opposing counsels team of litigators. The more Trey thwarted their attempts to legally bar us or otherwise reduce our credibility, the more the opposing counsel lost control and embarrassed themselves. And while Trey depends on knowledge of the law and evidence, in addition, he appears to be lucky... like "someone up there likes him". It was like Samson and Goliath, a single counselor against a mammoth team from one of the most powerful law firms in Huntsville. He is wise beyond his years and anyone would be lucky to have him accept their case for litigation. He deserves allot of respect and the only reason I don't refer to him as Mr. or Counselor Marlborough is because we have become friends in the process. We were blessed to have Trey represent us in this matter. I have asked Trey not to post my contact information publicly but allowed him to pass it on personally as he sees fit for professional reference purposes.

    Mark and Rochel