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  • I need help in understanding what's going on. Can someone please help me?

    Asked by a user in Miami, FL - over 2 years ago.

    Since you have an attorney, you really should ask him these questions. Hopefully, you have faith and trust in him. However, in general, if the other side doesn't want to settle at mediation then...

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  • Nude pictures posted on facebook

    Asked by a user in Orlando, FL - over 2 years ago.

    Both prior answers of the two attorneys provide good information and advice. Further, you can sue and allege on information and belief that it was your ex who impersonated you on Facebook and posted...

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    Asked by a user in Cape Coral, FL - almost 3 years ago.

    Technically, yes you can represent yourself. Practically, no. You will almost certainly lose. Also, if you file a claim in court you will likely be dismissed if you fail to follow Florida's pre-suit...

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  • Does sex between patient and physician constitute malpractice?

    Asked by a user in Jacksonville, FL - over 2 years ago.

    Malpractice implies a breach of a duty and an actual loss. Unless you have some loss, it may not constitute a viable malpractice claim. You have have sufficient loss given what you describe with the...

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  • Talked to a lawyer about wrongful death suit on wives death 4 months ago. Now he wont return my calls or see me. What can i do?

    Asked by a user in West Monroe, LA - over 2 years ago.

    The very simple answer is to find a new lawyer. Assuming you have not actually hired this lawyer or paid him any money, he was only considering your case. If he is not calling you back now then he...

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  • Tenant lease question

    Asked by a user in Miami, FL - over 2 years ago.

    Most likely, yes. You are charged under the law of knowing what is in your own lease agreement. Also, the manager was wrong about you not being liable if they rent the lease before your lease expires....

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  • If you post something bad about your employer on facebook is that defamaton?

    Asked by a user in West Chester, OH - over 2 years ago.

    I handle many internet defamation cases. It is becoming a cottage industry. I have represented plaintiffs and defendants. The reality is the same defamation rules apply on social media as eslewhere....

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  • I am the parent of an adult female criminal in a correctional institution. I know the docket # & dates of athe crimes. how can I

    Asked by a user in Deltona, FL - almost 3 years ago.

    Most Florida circuit courts have public records searches available at the Clerk of Court's website. You could search there for your daughter's name and find out what comes up and the offenses for...

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  • The lawyer quit.

    Asked by a user in Philadelphia, PA - almost 3 years ago.

    I just answered a question of yours on this topic with virtually no factual information. I now see another question with more facts. I suspect the lawyer said "I quit" if you take the gun because...

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  • In a deposition

    Asked by a user in Seattle, WA - over 2 years ago.

    This is quite common. Opposing counsel and the opposing party or parties in most states may attend depositions. As for signing the transcript, each state has different rules, but most are that you...

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