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Steven Charles Simon

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  • My son had small accident with another person; hit her back bumper in traffic. no police report was filed.

    He agreed to pay to fix her auto. Repair or replace bumper. Now 2 weeks later after her auto has been fixed and paid for; she is calling saying she is having pain in neck and thinks she needs to make appointment to see chiropractor. Please advise...

    Steven’s Answer

    If your son had insurance, he needs to immediately contact them so that they can investigate the woman's claim for injuries. I see many people who are in an accident and do not believe it will have any lasting effect....within days and sometimes weeks the pain becomes so great that it requires medical attention. Your son, I presume, only saw this woman for a short period of time and probably knows nothing about her condition. The insurance company will be in a better position to investigate the validity of her claim. If your son does not notify his insurance company it might later come back to claim that it was prejudiced by a lack of notice, which could lead to a coverage defense. Tell your son to turn over this matter to his insurance company.

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  • My husband was in a personal injury accident one month before we were married. Will i be entitle to any of the money?

    We are getting a divorce. We don't have any children and I helped him during and after the accident. I even quit my high paying job. We've been married for over 1 year.During the marriage he promised to divide the money, (he has a pretty strong c...

    Steven’s Answer

    One important factor that is unclear from your question is whether or not your husband's personal injury claim is settled yet or is still pending. If it is still pending you technically do have a loss of consortium claim, but the amount of your damages is a question that is difficult since you were married for one year. Other questions which are important are: did his injuries cause the divorce? how did his injuries directly affect your relationship?
    Remember that in Florida the statute of limitations is for a 4 year period for a negligence case (personal injury case). Thus, your claim for loss of consortium would need to be filed within 1 year or it would be forever barred. If your husband's case is already settled and he received monies, you will want to have your divorce attorney address that matter. If his settlement was only for his damages and injuries and not yours, you might still have a viable claim. Call an attorney.

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  • Do I need a Personal Injury Lawyer?

    I went to get my eyebrows waxed at a franchised hair salon. The stylist was negligent when applying the wax and left the hot wax on my eyelids for too long. She ended up ripping the skin off of my lids. The following day, I had a port wine scar on...

    Steven’s Answer

    I have handled smaller cases like this one in the past for certain clients. Depending upon the permanent impact that this incident has on you (in terms of permanent scarring, etc.) it will probably warrant a smaller settlement by the insurance company for the hair salon. You should be able to find an attorney to assist you even though it is a case with a smaller value. I would recommend that you contact another attorney in your area for assistance.

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