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John Dimitrios Andreopoulos

John Andreopoulos’s Answers

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  • In Florida what does 69 points score out to?

    In Florida what does 69 points score out to?

    John’s Answer

    As already explained, 69 points equals 30.75 months prison. However, that is not a guarantee that the person will go to prison. You should speak with a criminal defense attorney to discuss all options like a departure from the guidelines.

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  • What happens in weak criminal felony cases?

    If there is weak evidence on a felony case what happens to the person that was arrested? There is a pretrial hearing and criminal hearing. Do these kind of cases get dismissed or got to trial?

    John’s Answer

    There are a number of outcomes that could result from a weak felony case. I would need to know more details about the case and the charge to give you a more accurate evaluation. However, generally a weak Felony offense will either be reduced to a lesser included misdemeanor offense of dismissed by the prosecutor or Judge (by way of Motion Hearing). If you are charged with a Felony offense you should consult with an Attorney immediately. Time is of the essence in all criminal matters!

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  • Probation and Probation Officer. Restitution Case.

    I have a suspended prison sentence. I violated my probation, due to bounced checks. I asked my P.O. not to violate me, because of going through a divorce and filing my company going Public. I had asked my banker to cover checks for me, which I hav...

    John’s Answer

    Your PO is required to violate you as a result of your new charge. However, as already explained by another lawyer you did get a break from the PO because he/she did not request a warrant. You should hire a criminal defense attorney in your area IMMEDIATELY to begin your defense. Stop writing letters to the Judge. Your attorney will present your side to the State Attorney. Good luck!

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