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  • Does a will,trust,and power of attorney,must be signed by the person who's will it is or can others sign it representing them ?

    years ago my Brother handled our Moms estate recently a few instantces have occurred that made me wonder if he did something illegal with the estate to cheat me out of my fair share.Here comes lie #1-so I called my BROTHER and asked about the pro...

    Joseph’s Answer

    A lot of red flags here and you should have an attorney review.
    You did not say how many years ago and statute of limitations problems may exist.
    One note-you cannot use a POA to benefit yourself.

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  • My still fiancé informed me that he created trusts before our marriage. He is trustee and all his companies are owned by that

    trust. Basically all his income will be coming from the trust. I will receive only cash/bank wire transfer to joint account. He will not ask me to sign prenup before marriage. I need legal advice. If I will not be working and will have kinds what ...

    Joseph’s Answer

    The answer gets complicated and this forum is not set up to completely advise you.
    Your best bet would be to get a family law attorney to advise you and it could benefit you to have a pre-marital
    agreement that gives you certain guarantees.
    Assets held before marriage have certain protections for short term marriages
    Assets acquired during marriage and the income acquired during marriage could benefit you-but again -many factors go into determining your rights.

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  • If i will receive the salary paycheck from one company which is in ownership of the Trust,

    can the income of that company and the company (which is in separate status owned by the Trust now) become a marital status? thx

    Joseph’s Answer

    Who owns the trust? I assume this is a family law question-so we need more information.
    A complete list of assets would be necessary to come up with an answer.

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  • Can I see my grandmothers will/trust even if the executor claims he's the beneficiary?

    How can I challenge a will/trust? I believe my uncle manipulated my grandmother with undue influence and fraud by being the only person named as a beneficiary as well as the executor. He has said that he had her change her will/estate to only bene...

    Joseph’s Answer

    The will must be filed with the court after death.
    Hire an attorney to force the filing or the holder could be in
    contempt of court.

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  • Prevent wills/trusts from being contested ?

    do children and or grandchildren have to mentioned/listed in trust/will, then disinherited therefore not being able to contest our wishes ?

    Joseph’s Answer

    I agree that it is a good idea but not mandatory
    It shows that you do not forget them and did not want to leave them anything.
    So-it is better to include the language to make it harder to contest.
    The most common reasons to contest are undue influence or incompetence.

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  • Can my aunt be revoked as medical power of attorney for my mom if not making sound decisions on her behalf/health?

    My mother has become ill and entered ICU. It is clear that she cannot make sound decisions on herself, and stated before in ICU that my aunt has medical power of attorney, and no one else was allowed to be there, call and check on her/talk to her...

    Joseph’s Answer

    Your best choice at this time would be to seek a guardianship/conservator for your mother.

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  • How can I get my 10 year old brother's custody?

    I am almost 18 ,my grandmother is my caregiver of my little 10 year old brother and I. I want to take his custody from her how can I she has no legal document that proves she has our custody , How does that work?

    Joseph’s Answer

    The court can remove or appoint a guardian which always be what is in the best interest of the child.
    You would need to have an attorney act on your behalf.
    As indicated-the odds of the court appointing an 18 year old is small.

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  • My grandmother pass away 5 years ago and my father is the executor of the will of grandmother does his executor expire .

    Also the will in County of mexico not in the USA

    Joseph’s Answer

    US attorneys can't advise you about the laws in Mexico.

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  • What is the benefit of putting my home in a realty trust?

    What does a realty trust protect? Is it best to be both the trustee and the beneficiary? Are there negatives in putting the house in the trust?

    Joseph’s Answer

    Privacy and avoidance of probate and the main reasons clients place real estate in trusts.
    Of course -you should discuss with your attorney the best estate planning strategy.

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  • Do I have to do a final formal adjudication of the will if there is nothing in the estate?

    I became the personal representative of a relative's estate so I could request medical records. There was a will which was filed but no estate to probate. Is it necessary to do a final formal adjudication of the estate or do I need to summit anyth...

    Joseph’s Answer

    Just the closing statement as indicated by Attorney Golden.

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