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Deborah Ann A'Hearn

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  • Next step in divorce...

    My ex was the one to file... So, I am the respondent. We have completed the discovery phase, so I'm wondering what is next. Can I file to schedule a hearing? Is the respondent able to do that?

    Deborah’s Answer

    The respondent may request that a final hearing be scheduled; however, prior to doing so you should be sure that you have received all relevant documents related to the financial status of the Petitioner so that you have the information necessary for the court to make a determination regarding equitable distribution, alimony, and child support matters at the final hearing. The court may refer the case to family mediation prior to scheduling a final hearing. If there are minor children, your county may require that you take a parenting class. Prior to attending the final hearing, you should file your witness and exhibit lists, subpoena witnesses, prepare direct and cross examination questions to ask the Petitioner and witnesses at hearing, and have all relevant documents prepared for use as exhibits. While some individuals choose to represent themselves in simple divorce cases, each case is different and it may be advisable for you to contact an attorney to address any specific questions that you may have related to this matter.

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