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James Kevin Hayslett

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  • I have a felony conviction for fleeing and eluding can I hunt with a gun?

    It was about 7yrs ago.

    James’s Answer

    Typically most states prevent a convicted felon from owning a firearm.

    If you check on your states free website most of them will outline their laws regarding firearms on that website.

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  • Do I need a lawyer for a hearing on domestic battery 3 misdemeanor charge?

    It was self defense against my brother, but I was on his property.

    James’s Answer

    This is a great example of why early attorney involvement can resolve cases in favor of the defendant.
    I would highly recommend you retain a lawyer who can contact the prosecuting attorney's office and explain the situation and hopefully resolve this case by getting it dismissed.

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  • How do I obtain a public defender in Chicago?

    I was arrested and charged with a misdemeanor, and I'm currently unemployed and without the funds to hire an attorney. How do I acquire a Public Defender or a pro bono lawyer?

    James’s Answer

    At your first court appearance if the prosecution is asking for a jail sentence the judge will inquire whether not you have an attorney.
    At that point he will put you under oath and ask you several questions about your means to retain a lawyer.
    If financially you meet the criteria the judge will appoint a public defender or court-appointed attorney to represent you.

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  • Hygiene warrant

    alcoholic on medication

    James’s Answer

    Please provide more information so we can accurately and more efficiently answer your question.

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  • Can I be convicted of a DUI without taking a breath test or blood test?

    I was involved in a one car accident in Mass. The officers came after about 15 minutes and asked me to do a walk and turn test. My knee was hurt and I asked to go to the hospital instead. The officer never asked me to do a breath test and when I g...

    James’s Answer

    Believe it or not people are convicted every week around the country to refuse the breath test blood test urine test or field sobriety tests.
    Under the implied consent law prosecutors can argue to a jury that if you refused to take a breath test that that was a knowing and consciousness of guilt.

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  • Will he need to get an attorney?

    My boyfriend is in jail for a probation violation for not reporting to his probation officer. While he was in there the same county filed charges on him from July 2012 and filed them on November 1st 2012 after he has been in jail for only a month...

    James’s Answer

    It is not unusual for the government to file charges against someone long after the date of the offense.
    Many times the cases are under investigation and they haven't made a decision to file those charges that's why the time has been delayed.
    This is typically true with drug offenses where law-enforcement uses undercover detectives.
    Based upon the plethora of criminal charges that your boyfriend faces I would highly recommend that he hired experienced criminal defense attorney to assist him with his cases.

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  • What will my first day in court for retail theft be like?

    I'm scheduled to appear in court for the first time for misdamenor retail theft later this month. When I arrive for court (Belmont & Western), what will the day or however long entail?

    James’s Answer

    Your first court date more likely than not will be an arraignment.
    At the arraignment you can plead guilty, not guilty or no contest.
    Once your name is called this process will take less than five minutes.
    If you have no prior criminal record I would encourage you to retain an experienced criminal defense attorney to assist you as this case may be eligible for a dismissal on a diversion program.

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  • What's a competive rate for an Expungment in Cook County/Chicago including fees?

    And do I have to provide the rap sheet?

    James’s Answer

    Typically getting your case sealed or expunged involves lawyers time and fees plus costs.
    I would estimate that the fee would range between $750 and $2500 with $1500 being in the middle.

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  • How can my boyfriend be charge w/2nd degree assault when victim has a perjury charge and there is no documentation to support

    boyfriend charged w/ 2nd degree assault when police never arrested him on the date of incident they sent him a summons a week later to pick up. supposed victim gave 2 conflicting statements one to police and one to EMS hospital reports state no ev...

    James’s Answer

    Your question is a classic example of why you need an aggressive criminal defense attorney to deal with the prosecutor to get your boyfriend's case is dismissed.
    Many times prosecutors base their cases on allegations of 5 to 10 time convicted felons.
    The fact that the victim has a prior perjury conviction does not prevent them from bringing criminal charges.

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