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  1. My ex-husband recently lost his job, am I entitled to collect back child support once he is working again

    Answered about 6 years ago.

    1. Peter Christopher Lomtevas
    2. Deanna L. Siegel
    3. Rhea J. Rolfe
    4. William Guy Pontrello
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    yes, unless he goes to court, assuming a child support court order, it accrues and is vested.

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  2. How far back can you collect back chikld support?

    Answered about 6 years ago.

    1. William Guy Pontrello
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    child support is vested per court order. you can collect all arearages.

  3. Ex wife took children and moved to CA without my permission, under WI law can i move the court to stop paying child support

    Answered about 6 years ago.

    1. Anthony D. Cotton
    2. William Guy Pontrello
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    most states have relocation laws, but since you waited this long your current lawyer is correct. you must go to california to enforce visitation unless your divorce was in wisconsin and you recently just dicovered her whereabouts, then under the uniform child jurisdiction act you may be able to convince a wisconsin judge to keep the case in wisconsin, get visitation and have her held in contempt for moving without permission. paying child suporrt and seeing your children are not reciprocal...

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  4. Ex-Wife takes lower paying job to try to get out of pay back child suppot and current support? What can I do.?

    Answered about 6 years ago.

    1. William J. Dyer
    2. William Guy Pontrello
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    consult your laywer in regard to voluntary underemployment. most states have case law in that regard. trying to lower or not pay child support is not new to courts, judges, or lawyers.