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James Waller Dodson

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  • I was in a car accident. how to find best lawyer?

    A driver rear ended my car. This person was arrested. my car is totaled. I and my passenger got back and neck pain and my passenger got broken ribs. This person does not have insurance or license. Who is to pay for my medical bills and others exp...

    James’s Answer

    You need to work with a lawyer who has experience representing car accident victims and is someone you feel confident you can trust. If you have auto insurance you will have $10,000 in medical benefits (PIP) under your policy, so will your passenger unless they own their own car which is insured which would cover them for PIP. You'll have to look at your own policy to replace your car. If you have Uninsured Motorist insurance on your policy it will pay what the other driver should have paid. Good luck.

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  • My son was hit by a vehicle while crossing in the crosswalk. Driver was sited. my son doesn't have insurance who pays? In FL.

    He has brain injury , needs therapy for memory issues , more Cat Scans to watch the bleeding on the brain . Two cracked vertebra , hurt neck with cuts and bruises all over . Florida is a no fault state . Does that mean he will have to pay th...

    James’s Answer

    I'm sorry your son has been injured. I can appreciate your concerns. Even though you have provided a description of what happened, it isn't possible to give specific advice to you without discussing the issues in more detail. That said, your son's medical bills will be paid up to $10,000 from one of two sources. No Fault insurance (also called PIP) pays up to $10,000 in medical bills and is required insurance in Florida. If your son owned a car insured with No Fault, it would be the first to pay. If he did not own a car, he could be covered under the car insurance of relatives he might have been living with. If neither apply, he would be covered by the No Fault insurance on the car that hit him.

    Medical bills that exceed $10,000, future medical expenses and his bodily injury claim (pain and suffering, scarring, loss of income or ability to work) would be paid by the liability insurance on the car that hit him through the driver or the owner or both. All sources of insurance would have to be carefully investigated. This is what a lawyer should do for your son in addition to helping him deal with the insurance companies, dealing with the medical providers who want to get paid, and all the details required to handle his case.

    You're welcome to call and talk about your concerns in detail. If you aren't ready to talk to a lawyer but want more information and answers to your questions just visit and request a free copy of the Florida Pedestrian Accident Guide. We'll send you a complete information kit to look over at home which will answer the most common questions we get from people after a pedestrian accident. Don't worry there is no charge and no obligation.

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  • I fell in the parking garage of hospital and fractured my ankle and tore my ligament. How much money can I ask for.

    The hospital is willing to pay for my hospital expenses now , can I have them pay for future bills too.

    James’s Answer

    Your question doesn't include a description of whether there was liability on the part of the hospital. Given the significance of your injury, you should consult with a N.J. personal injury lawyer who would be able to tell you whether a legal claim exists against the hospital and what damages you might be entitled to.

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