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John Seth Simms

John Simms’s client reviews

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  • Experienced litigator

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Mary

    With my post divorce motions John has shown himself to be a strong advocate for my situation. He knew all my facts and put 100 percent effort before the judge. I really appreciate how he did not have an ego issue and let me interject my opinions and concerns with nothing but pure courtesy as a response. He was right on when he discussed my judge and how he handles cases. You can surely rest and let him take over knowing you are in good hands. His assistant Judy is wonderful to work with as well.

  • Amazing Attorney!

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Helen Taylor

    I was referred to John Simms by a friend for my divorce and custody case. At the time I went to him i felt helpless and didn't know how I would make it through such a difficult time in my life. This wasn't just about myself, this was also about my daughter and what was best for her. John and his staff always put me at ease and always kept me informed throughout the entire process. I have worked in the legal field for over 10 years and was amazed by how hands on John was and how much he truly cares about each and every one of his clients. I have recommended John to 2 friends already and will continue to tell anyone who needs a family law attorney to talk to John Simms. He is the BEST!

  • Best family law attorney in FL

    5.0 stars

    Posted by a client

    I went to John after having a poor experience with another attorney who made several promises she was unable to keep. I knew John was the right lawyer for me within minutes of speaking with him. He was 100% upfront with me and gave me realistic expectations. My case was very complicated, it was not only a divorce but also custody and many businesses that needed to be divided. John is honest, very personable and his assistant Judy is also amazing and very helpful.

  • Always On Time and On Point!

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Margaret

    I highly recommend John Simms. Not only is he extremely knowledgeable, but he has a genuine interest in the outcome of your case. John represented me in a very hostile divorce case. John was always willing to listen and willing to help. He is an excellent communicator and is well versed in the art of influencing people through logic and substantive argument. He is always on time and well prepared. His staff is friendly, efficient and concerned. He has a gentle and constant demeanor that is soothing and comforting; but don't let that fool you, he knows what to do and when. He knew the facts of my very complicated case as much as I did and was able to make sense of it all. He will renew your faith in mankind and attorneys!

  • Great Attorney

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Mark

    John as helped me through several legal matters over the years. I've always been happy with the service and results from John and his staff. Recently John represented both my ex-wife and myself during our divorce, and both of us felt like we got a very fair settlement.

  • High Road Lawyer

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Kevin

    My divorce went to the first hearing date when the judge suggested we settle it before the trials began. We did and we were prepared. Here is why it was a good choice for me:

    First, I believe that every review that has been written for him is correct because in my case I saw the same behavior. Don't wait, do it right now- call his office. He is the High Road attorney.

    Second, In my case he showed a profound knowledge of the law, he was consistent and his counsel was wise.

    Third, I saw no greed with him or his office. Yes, I paid what was asked and it was hard but I do not regret spending the money. I NEVER felt like I was being churned (Mr. Simms was my second lawyer, I did not find this site until after I was ready to fire the first lawyer) and with Mr. Simms I always felt like I was being represented by someone who cared about my case. he always made eye contact when we would talk.

    Fourth, his paralegal, Judy. She took the edge off the divorce by keeping me in the loop and responding to my emails with kindness. She is professional and knowledgeable. In a divorce you learn quickly who your friends are or are not and knowing who has your back is important Peace of mind throughout a life changing event especially for a newcomer to the legal process is necessary and it was provided.

    Last, He did his job and very well. No one wins in a divorce especially when the former spouse has misguided beliefs about the outcome of the divorce. I still live in my home and have my son 1/2 of the time. No one really won but my former wife and I have peace.

    So the bottom line, ask him to take your case. All outcomes have variables but I'd have him next to me in a courtroom in a heartbeat. He and his staff have earned my respect, and that is not easy to do.

  • The Best Attorney for Family Law Around - Superb.

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Rick

    I not only would recommend John Simms, I have recommended him already. I fired a different attorney whom I had originally hired, found John via multiple recommendations, and then retained John as my counsel in a long and difficult series of modifications for custody, support, etc. (Family Law). He got right in to the thick of it, seemed to have been with me from the start, and (most importantly) brought about a 100% successful result within three months of taking over the case. How successful was John on my and my child's behalf? The new Court Order, which delivered everything I/we had hoped for, gave me every single thing I had originally asked for during court-ordered mediation two years before. With a different attorney, that mediation had resulted in the opposing party walking out of the offices where the mediation was being conducted. The opposing party said, "Not one thing in this proposed mediation 'wish list' is even remotely agreeable to us, and we will never agree to a single item here." Once John had entered the case, he got EVERY ITEM from that original 'wish list' agreed to, and he did it with a sense of urgency and real dedication and professionalism. Essentially, I had wasted two years of my, and my child's, life before turning to John and getting him involved. I have extensive experience with legal counsels from years of business, and also as a result of time spent in the U.S. Armed Forces where I spent a year having to be a regimental legal officer in addition to my normal duties. A large number of attorneys are out there, not many of them are very good, and even fewer of them can be trusted with your and your family's well-being. John is a stand-out, superb attorney. He bills fairly, he treats your case as though it were his own legal issue, and he does not need to be reminded of where you are in the case and the process every time you are with him. He is an exceptional attorney especially if you are looking to find final agreement in a non-confrontational manner. He got more done in 90 days using charm, intelligence and finesse than most attorneys get done in YEARS using nothing but harsh and confrontational tactics. A word about my familiarity with other attorneys in the 6th judicial circuit here in Florida -- it is not a pretty picture. Personally and through friends, I have direct and intimate knowledge of nine different attorneys here. Nearly all of them are content to chug along and just keep billing clients ad nauseum while the issues before the judge drag on and go unresolved for years and years. That is not how John works. He will take control of a case and push aggressively for a final judgment on his client's behalf. A SUCCESSFUL final judgment. If this site would let me, I would leave my contact information here so folks who really, really need help could reach me and learn the specifics of just how effective and elite John is as an attorney. I can't do that, so know this: John gave me and my child our lives back, and for that there really is no price or praise that will ever be able to repay him for his extraordinary efforts and success on our behalf. If you are having a serious issue with family law, I strongly recommend you retain John Simms -- you will be extremely glad you did. He is in it with his clients just as passionately as he would be in it with his own family. SPECIAL NOTE: I wish this site had a fifth category (see above) for rating attorneys. That fifth category would be "Good Value/Affordability." I would give John a top rating for that, too.

  • Getting to Know John Simms -Client Review

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Christopher

    Without going into obvious detail of our own circumstances, Mr. Simms is indeed a fine attorney. He insists on us calling him John. John is caring and takes an enormous amount of pride in listening to his clients and then providing direction based on each situation and his expertise. Unfortunately, we have required his services on a few occasions. Fortunately, John was our attorney and successfully represented our family with respect and dignity.

    When it comes to Law, John is the very best there is. In my opinion what makes John very good is his ability to convey the message that the ultimate decision is the Judges decision. Its hard to swallow sometimes when we want our attorney to provide us all of the answers. That is where the trust must lie. We chose John based on his history of cases and the root understanding of the entire process. John is also careful in his dealings with opposing attorneys. He maintains their respect even though the toughest battles when they get dirty. John exemplifies class in this particular area. I think this is a very good advantage for his client(s).

    All in all, if you or your family is in need of representation, I would interview John first and see if he is a good fit for you.... Once you meet him all of this will make sense. Will John win every case? No, probably not. . But when it comes to my investment to defend what I think is right, or what my family needs to happen, I am placing my bet on John Simms..... time and time again.

    We are 3-0 !!

  • Thanks John!

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Ed

    John was a tremendous help with not one but two divorces. There were some loose ends in my first divorce settlement that needed to be reconciled and shortly after I was back for a second divorce. John's knowledge and professionalism kept me sane and informed throughout the process and his work provided the best outcome for all parties involved.

  • John Simms helped me get my time with my boys back, he is extremely professional!

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Richard

    I was advised to speak with John from a good friend of mine. He was the 8th attorney that I interviewed in two days. I had already worked with three attorney's previous to John over the course of three years and to put it nicely, I was very unhappy with the results from the first three.

    I immediately had a good feeling about John and chose to retain him in what I would consider a very difficult post divorce case. I had two of the eight attorney's that I interviewed tell me that they wouldn't be able to prepare for my case in time for an already scheduled court date. At the time that I retained John, my driver's license was suspended, I was required to pay over $2000.00 in child support a month based off of the income from a job that I no longer had, and I was only able to see my two boys every other weekend!

    I was in the middle of modifying my parenting plan and child support when I retained John and was not making any head way with my previous attorneys. If anything, I felt that I was losing ground and going backwards.

    After several court dates and a little bit of time, I have completed my modifications. I now have my boys 50% of the time, my child support has been dramatically reduced, and my Driver's License has been valid since my first day with John.

    I am sure that John wouldn't want me to announce my results, because I am fully aware that there are numerous factors involved in winning these types of cases. I am extremely satisfied with what John was able to do for me and I would recommend him to anyone that was looking for a professional, very well prepared, experienced attorney. He will work with you and more importantly, for you!

    Thanks John