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Richard M. Mannen

Richard Mannen’s client reviews

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  • He is super professional

    5.0 stars

    Posted by a Family client

    I've met with many attorneys before coming to Richard Mannen. I retained him to represent me in my divorce.I was in big trouble and he saved me. At all times I felt my case was handled aggressively.He did an amazing job and I hope anyone going through a divorce hires him! Rick Mannen is an excellent and very intelligent attorney. He is responsive and trustworthy. I feel that I was well represented and I am happy with the professional services rendered. Thank you so much again!

  • Rick Mannen should be a "required study" for all attorneys

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Chuck

    In my 50 years of life I've had occasion to use the services of an attorney several times (3 divorces, 1 car accident where I was a pedestrian, 1 head injury in a McDonalds where I slipped on a soapy floor, etc.). All of them were about what I expected, reasonably nice, reasonably intelligent, polite, personable, and seemed to
    care about me and my situation reasonably enough. Well, all of them but 1 that is. Rick Mannen didn't meet my expectations at all, in fact I was really shocked at how far he was from what I expected. By the time our first meeting was over he had passed my expectations by a significant amount. By the time my case was settled he had exceeded my expectations by so much that I could no longer even see them. Rick Mannen is not only the nicest, most caring and knowledgeable lawyer I've ever met, but he's also one of the nicest most caring and knowledgeable people I've ever know. Through one of the most difficult and painful experiences of my life he was extraordinarily supportive and caring. His knowledge of the law never failed to impress me, and I never had to wonder if he cared about my case as much as he should. The depth of his caring, not only about my case but about me as a person, was so strong that no matter how low or upset I might feel when I arrived at his office, I always left feeling uplifted and optimistic, and knowing that there was at least one person in this world that genuinely cared; about how I felt and about how succesfully my case turned out. Rick was positively passionate about seeing that I got what I deserved, and even when money became an issue for me he insisted on working out a scenario that I could handle and continued to be just as passionate about my case. When all was said and done I was overjoyed with the outcome of my case, and I felt blessed to have met such a wonderful person. I would enthusiastically recommend Mr. Mannen to anyone in need of an attorney, and I would be proud to call Rick my friend.

  • Divorce Case

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Peter

    I was referred to Attorney Rick Mannen by a friend and can highly recommend him to anybody seeking advice and legal assistance in a divorce case. Rick always took the time to personally answer any questions I had about my case, and I felt very comfortable that my interests were represented.