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  1. How do I get a judgement lifted that was included in a bankruptcy

    Answered over 3 years ago.

    1. Christopher Frederic Ikerd
    2. Stephen Nathan Doan
    3. Melissa Renea Sharpsteen
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    It sounds as if the judgment was recorded on a home that you were living in at the time you filed the bankruptcy. If this is the case, you may be able to ask the Court to reopen your Chapter 7 case and then a Motion to Avoid Lien can be filed asking the Court to remove the lien from your homestead property. Obviously, I would recommend an attorney experienced in the area of bankruptcy law to handle this for you as each situation is unique and there are many factors that can influence this...

  2. In 2006 i was arrested for battery on a leo and i pled guilty and i did 2 months of probation with early termination and

    Answered about 4 years ago.

    1. Regina Laverne Wright
    2. Melissa Renea Sharpsteen
    3. Bruce Howard Denson
    4. James D. Cormier
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    So long as the charge was a pled to as "Battery on Law Enforcement Officer" and you received a withhold of adjudication, you would be eligible to SEAL but not expunge the case. You would not be eligible for either if there has been any adjudication of guilt on your record whatsoever from any other offense that you may have been arrested for in the past and/or arising out of the same set of facts and circumstances as the above charge. Good luck to you!

  3. Were do i send my motion for early termination of house arrest to?

    Answered about 4 years ago.

    1. Eric J Trabin
    2. Melissa Renea Sharpsteen
    3. Jennifer Ann Jacobs
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    Once you have completed your motion, you should file the original with the Clerk of the Court. You should send or deliver a copy to the Office of the State Attorney. Once this is completed, it is necessary to contact the Judicial Assistant for the Judge that will be hearing the Motion to schedule a Court date for the Motion to be heard by the Judge. I would advise to retain a copy of the Motion for yourself in order that you may refer to it during the hearing. Once the hearing is scheduled,...

  4. I was 15 and i got arrested for agg battery (784.045) in florida. can i get it taken off my record? i pled no contest i think or

    Answered over 4 years ago.

    1. Stephen Andrew Mosca
    2. Melissa Renea Sharpsteen
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    First it is important to know whether you were transferred to adult court or if you were in juvenile court. The implications for each are very different. Additionally, it is important to know whether there is a Judgment and Sentence which you can obtain from the Clerk of the Court. Once you know the "disposition" of the case you would be able to tell whether the charge can be sealed or expunged. If the case took place and was resolved in juvenile Court, the records may be sealed at this...

  5. Confused about Bankruptcy

    Answered over 4 years ago.

    1. Melissa Renea Sharpsteen
    2. Thomas A McAvity
    3. Mitchell Paul Goldstein
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    First you must decide whether you want to keep the home despite the fact that you are "upside down" or owe more than what it is worth. If so, you must either work out a modification of some type with the mortgage holder or you must work out terms of the remaining mortgage with your mortgage holder. If you do not have the ability to pay for and keep the home, you could possibly convert your Chapter 13 into a Chapter 7 and expunge certain debts including the home. Obviously, you will have to...