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Luis Alberto Guerra

Luis Guerra’s Legal Guides

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  • How to Acquire US Derivative Citizenship?

    Derivative citizenship is citizenship given to children through the naturalization of parents or, sometimes, to foreign-born children adopted by United States citizen parents, if certain conditions are met. Naturalization is the process of getting citizen status. When a person ge...

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  • How can a person return to the US after a removal/deportation?

    When an alien violates the conditions of his visa (immigrant or non-immigrant) or when an alien breaks certain laws in the United States, he faces removal (or "deportation," the term used by the former Immigration and Naturalization Service, referred to as legacy INS). Before an ...

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  • US Immigration by Marriage

    Under American immigration law, a U.S. citizen or a legal resident can file an immigration petition for a husband or wife to become a legal resident (to get a green card). Stated the other way, your husband or wife can file an immigration petition for you if your husband or wife...

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