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  1. I have a piece of property i quitddeeded to an llc which i own 95%,money guy owns 5%,he took house out of llc and put in persona

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    I agree with the other answers as well. I would reiterate and emphasize the need to secure the property from any further transfers before it is too late. It is important to record a notice so that third parties, in this case, potential purchasers are aware that there is a dispute relating to ownership of this property.

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  2. What steps denote lien perfection?

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    The answer to your question will depend upon several factors. What are you trying to secure? Feel free to follow up with additional information and a more detailed answer may be provided.

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  3. Can a case that i havn't been served with be consolidated with a seperate case that ii've served on the same party.

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    Typically, you must effect service of process on a party before you can have a judge rule on a motion. Of course, we would need to review the specific case and pleadings before formulating any opinion on your particular case.