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John Joseph Uustal

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  • I need a personal injury attorney in Colorado to take over a matter that is in progress. The attorney I currently have is

    splitting the fee with an attorney in another state. My current attorney constantly balks at the work needing to be done and how much money he is losing. He is attempting to get me to take a very small settlement and also to release another enti...

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    Robert Erben is a great attorney near Denver with ties to Florida.

    Robert Erben
    303 495 2658

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  • Insurance claim

    Was driving on the road at night a car that was facing me suddenly changed lanes, came to my lane and made me loose controller of my vehicle I suddenly found a deer in from of me ( I assume that is what the other driver was avoiding) avoided it, h...

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    Special investigation department may mean they suspect fraud. You need an attorney. You can check out a guide to selecting an attorney at

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  • If a piece of plastic extrudes from your body after a major surgery, is this a lawsuit even if no other injury occurs?

    After having major surgery 2010, a piece of 1" plastic was pulled out of my vaginal. It is not known at this time where it came from. I am to undergo diagnostic laproscopy soon by one of the docs that did the original surgery. The other urology do...

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    Yes, we have brought lawsuts in similar situations. However, for each indvdual case there needs to be a comprehensive medical and legal analysis before deciding whether a lawsuit is appropriate. You should find an attorney who specializes in medical malpractice and who is Board Certified in Civil Trial Law. If you need help picking an attorney, we have a guide to selecting a real trial attorney at AmbulanceChasersSuck.Com.

    Good luck.


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  • How do I find a lawyer that is willing to take my case to trial?

    I was injured at a timeshare and contacted a law firm to handle my case. They informed me of a conflict of interest and referred me to another firm. It is now a year and thousands of dollars in medical bills later and the lawyer I retained says th...

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    Unfotunately, there are some lawyers who never go to trial and so end up settling all their cases (for too little). You need to find a real trial attorney. Look at the guide on AVVO or go to for a book on how to find a real trial atotrney.

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  • Is there some relatively simple way to include numerous alter ego business entities in a civil complaint?

    In this case, defendants used a number of shell business entities to embezzle and fraudulently transfer money. In writing a complaint, it would simplify things if we could just ask for a blanket acknowledgement by the court that these business en...

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    The short answer is no. There is no simple way. Each of these legal entities is legally distinct, and you will have to prove with evidence (and properly allege) that they are alter egos.

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