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Julio Cesar Jaramillo

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  • Am I able to get a hold of the defenses affiadavits in a dog bite case in which I am appealing my dog being deemed "dangerous"?

    10 days ago my dog nipped a neighbor. She went to the hospital where the Dr glued her arm and she was sent home. It got infected and the neighbors then decided to report it to animal control which have quarantined my dog for 10 days to check for...

    Julio’s Answer

    Administrative proceedings to determine whether a dog is dangerous are technical legal proceedings. My best advice is to hire an attorney.

    If you are not able to do so or cannot afford one, at least send a written request for copies of the affidavits immediately to the address on the notices you have received.

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  • What steps should I take to address a massage therapist who messed up my back

    To Whom It may Concern: I went to see a massage therapist (Tuina Chinese massage and cupping). I went to see him for a shoulder injury. To preface this my back was not in any discernible pain before I went to see him, so there would be no reaso...

    Julio’s Answer

    First, see a physician and get the ball rolling as far as getting a diagnosis for what you are feeling.

    Then consult with an attorney and determine whether the medical problem you have now is possibly related to what the therapist did.

    A claim for negligence against the therapist is possible if he did something that was below the standard of care for what therapists usually do and caused you the injury.

    The statute of limitations on this would be 4 years so you have a reasonable amount of time to see a doctor first and then consult with an attorney.

    specializing in negli

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  • When in highschool classmates started a rumor I was sleeping around which then changed to I'm a prostitute.

    I was then harassed for the rest of my school days causing me to fail classes which I had to retake. I went on to college graduated with honors and got job at a local mfg. While at this employer word went out from one of the kids parents that wo...

    Julio’s Answer

    You should consult with a defamation lawyer in Florida. I want to point out, however, that your case seems overwhelmingly difficult.

    Why would all of these people after the first ones continue to defame you even when you change jobs? I am only saying this because you would have to prove that the original persons speaking falsely about you are the reason everybody else is saying bad things about you.

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  • Can I sue my ex-husband after a divorce is final?

    We were married for 16 years, during that time he worked in the MLM industry. It took 15 years to build a six figure residual income. We were incorprated, but during the divorce he made it look like we had no income. Eight years ago I took a job w...

    Julio’s Answer

    You should consult with an attorney in Texas about this matter. I believe most jurisdictions allow relief from judgments obtained through fraud. That being said, the circumstances you describe and the fact that so much time has passed make it unlikely that you will be able to seek any type of relief from the judgment. Nonetheless, you should consult with an attorney in Texas to get a formal legal opinion.

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  • What type of lawyer do I need for...Dentist filling Ins. for work not done

    Jan of 2011 I was in an auto accident. I had 2 teeth knocked out, found a dentist (Lake Quality Dental in The Villages, FL), and filed a claim through Sentry Insurance (Dairyland Auto). The purposed treatment plan totaled $12,833.00. Since the ins...

    Julio’s Answer

    The Florida Department of Insurance has a consumer fraud.

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  • Can a doctor viewing a patient from a tv camara in his office , in real time, bill his opinion as an office visit?

    I have 2 friends that each own their own home health agency. Both of them have nurses on staff, one of them also has doctors on staff. Often, they say, the CNAs call in with questions about the patient at their residence. I thought it might be a g...

    Julio’s Answer

    Seeing a patient is only one small part of an office visit.

    This might be a good idea for the CNA's, but as far as the doctor's ability to bill for this as a "visit" I would consult the relevant billing guidelines (be it Medicare, Medicaid, private insurance, etc) and determine whether the conditions are met to qualify as an "office visit."

    Without seeing any of the guidelines, my instinct is to say that this is probably not allowable.

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  • Is this negligence by the hospital going against the Doc's orders and causing my stomach to bloat and tear stitches?

    Yesterday I had surgery for my hiatal hernia. They poked 5 holes in my tummy fixed my tummy and my belly button and closed me up by about 330pm. Moved to gen care and all went well for the rest of the night, morning till afternoon. Dr *&^() ordere...

    Julio’s Answer

    You should first focus on recovering and getting out of the hospital. You have two years to commence a medical malpractice claim.

    Given the cost of pursuing a medical malpractice claim, you may have been the victim of negligence, but the damage may or may not be enough to warrant a claim.

    Only a lawyer can properly evaluate your claim and see if the damages you suffered make the possible medical malpractice claim worth pursuing.

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  • After 12 years, can I still do a malpractice suit?

    12years ago I had a craniotomy for a brain anyerisum which thenbecame infected. I have had six additional surgeries including a craniectomy about 5 years ago. I now have another wound opening that is going to require another surgery. I was not eve...

    Julio’s Answer

    Florida bars medical malpractice actions two years from the time that you knew or should have known of the possible malpractice, and in no event, 4 years from the date of the negligent act UNLESS you can show fraud, concealment or negligent misrepresentation about the negligent act.

    From what you have stated, it appears that your time to pursue a claim probably lapsed a long time ago.

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  • Does an Attorney have to inform you that they have been disciplined by the Bar and not able to able to practice?

    I recently did a search on my Attorney and it says they are not allowed to practice law for one year. EVERY time I call to speak to them, their assistant states that my attorney is out of the Country. Also, I retained the Attorney when the proc...

    Julio’s Answer

    Probably not when the process was still underway as there had been no formal finding of any kind at that point.

    You should not hesitate to find another attorney immediately.

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  • Im being sued about a false complaint. What do I need to do? I cannot afford an attorney.

    I was driving my ex-girlfriends's car and almost hit a lady on a bicycle. She fell off the bike and got a cut on her arm. We called the police. They determined that I never hit her. This was almost a year ago. Now I am being sued for over $14000 f...

    Julio’s Answer

    Notify your ex-girlfriend that claim is being made if she does not know already. Report the claim to her auto insurance carrier and to yours, if you had one.

    If she was uninsured and you do not have insurance coverage, you should hire your own attorney to resolve this matter for you. Ignoring a claim is never a good idea. It can lead to a default and the Plaintiff getting a judgment against you.

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