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Elio Vazquez

Elio Vazquez’s Client Reviews

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  • 1.0 star

    Posted by Violeta Velasco

    The worst lawyer I have met!

    I feel the need to review this lawyer, since reading the only review he haves is totally not my case.
    I'm a single mother with 3 kids, and obviously I had no money to pay a lawyer when my daughter for the first time got in trouble, she is 13.
    I had a great public defender but have no idea why the juvenile court assign me this lawyer and my life become a hell. He only saw one time and acted "nice" but of course was just acting, the day of the court he didn't show up...the judge gave me another date since he didn't show up not even giving me a call or the judge.
    After that I decide to move to West Palm Beach so my daughter could go to a program, when in the center the therapist (great lady) told me she need it to first talk with the lawyer to admit my daughter in the program, she called him 5 times, talking with his assistant and leaving messages, he never called her back! and I called 3 weeks in a row he never answer my calls neither called me back, so my daughter never made it to the program yet....thanks to Elio Vazquez!
    After this I thought he was going to show up in the court...I wake up 5:30 to go to Miami since I am living in West Palm like I said before...just to beat the traffic and be there early...guess what? second time he didn't show up!! the judge asked me if I have contact him I said I tried but he is not interested. The same day called and the assistant answered the phone (poor girl) have nothing else to say that he will call you later...called again she said he will call you in 20 minutes...I called after 3 days and the worst they were looking at my number in their caller id and didn't I know there were doing this since the assistant told me that last day we talk...your number is the one in the caller id so I can tell him?...okay I continue...since she wasn't answering the phone I asked my sister that was by my side...please call I think there seeing my number and not answering...oh surprise she answered!! next to say he will call...but of course he never did until today I'm writing this review.
    I have a court on Thursday 8/2014 to ask to remove this irresponsible lawyer from my daughter case...which I ask the assistant "I only need this lawyer send a letter or call the judge and leave the case for someone else that want to help my daughter"
    Mr. Vazquez was a PRO-BONO that's why he was mistreating us and deceived me so many times with his lack of respect....Mr. Vazquez should never again take a pro-bono case because he don't have the heart and sensitivity to work for no money.
    This review is nothing but the truth and hope is helpful if you have this lawyer assigned to your case: RUN AWAY! if you pay him might be a lot different....but the question is why a lawyer that don't care about others accepted a case that he was going to throw in the garbage????

  • 5.0 stars

    Posted by Steven Vazquez

    Truly Passionate about his job!

    Well seeing as how Elio Vazquez is my dad, im ovbiously going to be inclined to give him a good review. All jokes aside, he really does live and breathe his work and it shows. He is tremendously skilled and knowledgable in his profession and It shows, and will be very straight with you without the B.S. I'd highly recommend him to anyone!

  • 5.0 stars

    Posted by a Criminal Defense client

    Criminal Defense involving auto accidents the best in town!

    Handled my case professionally with excelllent results