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  1. Miami Homeowners Scramble to Make Mortgage-Reduction Deadline

    Written by attorney Isaac Benmergui, 9 months ago.

    Florida Housing Finance Corp. announced is principal-reduction program only last Wednesday, but with 22,000 homeowners already having requested a mortgage reduction, the agency is quickly approaching the 25,000 application limit. To qualify for the reduction, there is some math i...

  2. Only 1,925 New South Florida Condo Units Remain from Housing Bust

    Written by attorney Isaac Benmergui, 9 months ago.

    Roughly only four percent of the new condos built during the South Florida real estate boom, remain unsold in the tri-county area, according to a report from Buyers have been snatching up bargains at an average of $468 per square foot at a rate of nearly 65 new...

  3. Cash Deals Led the Way for South Florida Home Buying in August

    Written by attorney Isaac Benmergui, 10 months ago.

    If you are divorcing or going through a custody case, you may be wondering how your childs adoption will affect the case. The most important thing you should know about adoption and child custody is that adopted children are treated exactly the same as biological children in a di...

  4. Hot Once Again: Condominium Conversions

    Written by attorney Isaac Benmergui, 10 months ago.

    The condominium conversion business in hot once again in Miami. Owners hoping to capitalize on the increasing health of the Miami real estate market are looking at their existing apartment building and figuring out a way to increase the size and marketability in the tri-county ar...

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  5. South Florida Home Sales Prices Show Double Digit Rise

    Written by attorney Isaac Benmergui, 10 months ago.

    The South Florida real estate market continues to heat up. July sales figures rose double digits, more than any time since the highest point of the boom in 2005. Even without much in a supply of homes to sell, the numbers rose 25.7 percent to a high point of $230,000 from $183,00...

  6. South Florida Home Buyers Finding More Inventory to Choose From

    Written by attorney Isaac Benmergui, 10 months ago.

    If youve been shopping for months for a home in South Florida, there is hope on the horizon; available home inventory is on the rise. For weary new home shoppers this is welcome news. Tired of bidding wars, low inventory, and inability to find a suitable home, buyers have watched...

  7. Higher Home Prices Driving Numbers of South Florida Underwater Mortgages Down

    Written by attorney Isaac Benmergui, 10 months ago.

    As home values rise across the tri-county area, the number of underwater mortgages is on the decline. According to, the number of underwater mortgages in Broward County was 44 percent just a year ago, and that number now stands at around 33 percent. Palm Beach County h...

  8. With Quick Sales, Sellers Scramble to Find Homes

    Written by attorney Isaac Benmergui, 10 months ago.

    Home sellers usually love when their home sells quickly, and they are finally able to move on and find their own new home. But in a market where housing inventory is just starting to rebound, sellers are being caught off guard when it comes to finding their next home. Once a sale...

  9. As Home Inventory Increases, Miami-Dade Schools Also Get Relief

    Written by attorney Isaac Benmergui, 11 months ago.

    The property tax coffers in Miami-Dade Schools have been a little light in the past year. But relief is on the way with more inventory for buyers to choose from. The tax collection for the school system is $65 million short and relief cant come soon enough. Although tax rolls las...

  10. Miami Housing Market’s Flood of Foreclosed Properties For Sale

    Written by attorney Isaac Benmergui, 12 months ago.

    The Miami housing inventory problem may soon see some relief. As recently reported there is only about a four-months supply of available homes for purchase, but there are hundreds being auctioned off as lenders are starting to clear out their repossessions and distressed homes in...