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Barry Oliver Chase

Barry Chase’s client reviews

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  • Great arts/entertainment business attorney

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Dirk

    Unfortunately some people don't take the term "Copyright" as serious as they should. Whenever this happens, I turn to Barry Chase. He has solved several cases of copyright violations as well as a few other legal issues fast, efficient and with great success. Barry understands the business I work in like no other attorney I have met. If you are a creative or in the entertainment business - talk to Barry Chase!

  • We want to recommend Barry Chase. He helped us in a very specialized area which affects many Ebay sellers.

    5.0 stars

    Posted by a Copyright client

    We want to recommend Barry Chase. He helped us in a very specialized area which affects many Ebay sellers. If you are an Ebay seller and selling authentic items but a rights owner is claiming that you are selling counterfeit items to control distribution of their product (take it off Ebay) - this is a violation of the contract they sign with VERO. Rights owners are not allowed as per paperwork signed with Ebay for Vero membership to use the Ebay VERO program to control distribution by falsely claiming items are counterfeit. As an Ebay seller who experienced this first hand - it is best to seek legal help to fix this injustice, get your authentic items relisted and unfair penalizing violations removed from your account. On not just one, but 2 occasions, Barry Chase helped us in situations just like this, and we were victorious. I have wanted to recommend Barry Chase to Ebay sellers, but Ebay disallows the mention of attorneys on their message boards as their message boards are censored. If you are experiencing this type of issue and are selling authentic items on Ebay, it is best to utilize Barry Chase's services - after helping us 2 times and having our falsely placed 'violations' removed 2 times - he is very familiar with how to help. Our second problem was resolved within 1 week! Very glad that this review service is here as I had wanted to let other sellers know - but have no way to let others know on the public Ebay message boards as my post would be considered an Ebay violation and removed. I do hope this helps Barry to reach sellers with this issue because he can help.

  • Committed and Expert Advocate

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Stephen

    My review of Mr. Chase is long overdue. He represented my wife and me in a contract action, and we could not be more satisfied. On a personal level, Mr. Chase is Harvard educated and extraordinarily bright; and he is an experienced, persuasive advocate who made us confident that he would succeed in recovering money owed to us. Our relationship with a business associate deteriorated to the point that we no longer trusted her ability to perform her responsibilities. She refused to consider termination of our relationship and an accounting for return of our investment and our share of profits earned. Mr. Chase developed a strategy we considered wise and just and presented it to our associate, expressing our commitment to proceed to litigation if necessary to resolve this matter. His integrity and judgment is assessing the relative merits of our positions were excellent. Shortly before a court hearing, Mr. Chase persuaded our associate that termination of our relationship and winding up our affairs was in her best interests. He negotiated a settlement that was far beyond what we thought we could recover under the circumstances. Since then, we have turned to Mr. Chase for personal and business advice, and we recommend him most highly and without any reservation.

  • Detailed, thorough, precise legal work matching business foresight and vision

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Robert

    I have used Barry Oliver Chase numerous times with issues in my business: Agreements, Contracts,trademarks, General business advise. Barry is not only extremely detailed, punctual and has amazing foresight and vision on legal matters his general advise on business matters have been incredible useful for me and my business associates.
    I found Barry to be a lawyer where nothing is left to chance ,covering all angles on my business in a very professional but yet understandable way. I appreciate the way Barry always explained his reasoning in a field which is so complicated, important and where you simply can not afford to make mistakes.
    I would say that my investment in Barry has been more than worthwhile and I can recommend Barry to anybody who is in the process of hiring him.