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Jerome Ventura’s client reviews

     2.5 stars 6 total

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  • Waste of money

    1.0 star

    Posted by Pablo

    Hired attorney

    Paid this man a 3000 dollar retainer for a divorce case. 3 months later he used up all the retainer and sent me three bills back to back adding up to an additional 2500 dollars. About three weeks later get an email saying if I don't pay the full 2500 plus 1500 in additional retainer he will drop my case. Called about a payment plan seeing as I pages him the full 3000 up front and didn't have the full 2500. Was told no. He burned through 3000 dollars just to file the divorce papers and serve my ex. On the two charged meetings I had with him 40 minutes of it was watching him type up paperwork that should have been completed before I came in. This guy is a joke. In it for the money and could care less about helping his client. I decided to make payments for the 2500 that I owe him and find another attorney. My suggestion would be to take your 3000 dollars and flush it down the toilet. That uswhat its like to give this useless attorney money.

  • Worst Experience you can have from an Attorney

    1.0 star

    Posted by a Divorce client

    I hired this attorney in 2009, many of the times that we had a hearing in court he would find a way to reschedule the date, to drag the case and after 2 years did not have a trial date because he rescheduled the trial date at least 3 times.

  • Extended Time/Overcharged

    2.0 stars

    Posted by a Child Custody client

    I was referred to Mr. Ventura for his experience and expertise on Military Law. I divorced on my own but had to pay child support. After my older child graduated high school, I sought his advice because I was going through too many changes and felt that I couldn't handle mediation this time around. He assured me that we could get the case settled, gave me the facts with a retainer of $2750. Seven months later, nothing. In January I had to contact them, and had to resubmit all of the paperwork for a third time. Three times I had to go to the office because there was information that was not clearly written as it was discussed and the names were misspelled. I was charged for all this when it was not my mistake. Now it has been a year and a half since I first visited him. Papers have been re-filed and reviewed numerous times. I have a mediation coming up, and you bet, he is requesting an additional retainer...what I requested has not been achieved: to reduce Child Support. Now that I have clarity and some control, I know I could have saved myself the aggravation and the money, if I had just waited. The courts were protecting me anyway.

  • BEWARE!!

    1.0 star

    Posted by Gina Nicole

    I would not recommend Mr. Ventura EVER! I hired Mr. Ventura to handle a child support issue. I was very clear upon hiring him and giving him my retainer as to what my expectations were. Mr. Ventura allowed 11 months to pass without filing a single motion. By the time he finally filed the motions that I paid him to file initially, so much time had passed that he forgot about me and my case. I was constantly having to come back in for meetings to explain the same situation over and over (which I was billed for) two years past before I walked into a court room.
    Long story short. Mr. Ventura did alot of "busy" work with no results at all. I did not get the representation that I was promised. I was not kept in the loop as to my case. He was a good talker and appeared knowledgeable while in court but the moment you step out of the court room he forgets who you are and what your case is about. I was charged over $10,000 for a modification of child support. I never got the modification while working with Mr. Ventura for two years. I finally hired a new attorney and all of my issues were resolved within three months for 1/3 of what Mr. Ventura billed me. Don't give this man your money unless you have plenty of money to blow right out the window!

  • Aggressive, Responsive

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Constance

    I initially retained Mr. Ventura in 2005 for family law issues, to include the basics (monies, time-share, responsibilities, etc.). Those issues were handled quickly and aggressively. Since my initial retainer of services in 2005, I have had to call upon his experience a few more times for minor issues that arose, each ending successfully.

    I just recently finished an extremely acrimonious time sharing dispute and Jerry was with me every step of the way. Although I was not the only case Mr. Ventura had on his calendar, I was always treated and responded to as a priority. As a client, we tend to lead by emotions. Mr. Ventura, through his explanations and suggestions, enabled me to leave my emotions at the door and deal with the facts.

    An attorney/client relationship is one that should have respect and trust, which I what I experienced with Jerry Ventura's office and his staff. His advice, ethics and professionalism makes him the top family law attorney in south Florida.

  • Provided his services on my case

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Kelly

    He was VERY professional , very knowledgeable..and I felt confident with him during my case.