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Jeanne Trudeau Tate

Jeanne Tate’s Legal Guides

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    By: Jeanne Trudeau Tate I: WHAT IS THE INTERSTATE COMPACT ON THE PLACEMENT OF CHILDREN The primary safeguard to regulate the adoption of children from one state to another is the Interstate Compact for the Placement of Children (ICPC). The ICPC was drafted in the late 1950s by...

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  • Adoption Tax Credit

    A. Please help us spread the word about the new and improved Adoption Tax Credit which will foster more affordable adoptions!!! Historically, the federal adoption tax credit has been a nonrefundable

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  • Insurance Coverage for Adopted Children

    Federal law requires that employer sponsored group health plans that provide coverage for "natural" children must provide the same coverage for adoptive children, to begin when children are placed for adoption. The specific law is Section 609(c) of the Employee Retirement Incom...

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  • Foster Parent Rights in Florida

    1. Do foster parents in Florida have a right to contest removal of foster children from their home? Yes, but only under the specific and quite limited circumstances outlined in ?39.812(4), Fla. Stat. Among the statutory prerequisites are: foster parent currently be licensed; ...

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  • Commonly Asked Questions in Florida Adoptions

    Consent for adoption in Florida When will the consent for adoption be signed? Pursuant to Florida law, the consent will be signed no sooner than 48 hours after delivery unless the birth mother is be

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