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Brian Frederic Duckworth

Brian Duckworth’s client reviews

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  • 1.0 star

    Posted by carmen


    He would miss court dates, never requested a bail for my son, when you hire a lawyer you expect them to do their research in figure out the best way to their job , I am single mother and I had to lose money with him because I paid all his fees and all he said was take the plea after almost 2 years in the case. I ended up hiring another lawyer who did her job as I expected. I didn't ask for miracle but I expected to hire someone with knowledge and give me better options than just taking a plea of 10 years.

  • 5.0 stars

    Posted by Arman

    My impossible DUI case

    I has refered to this gentelmen by a friend. After doing my long researh and talking to about 4 lawyers, i hired him at my initial appointment. One reason for this was other lawyer coated me around 2500- 4500$ while Mr. Duckworth gave me a way more reasonable price. On the other hand money was not the biggest issue since this was my future and I wanted someone with tallent and integrity. Mr. Duckworth stroke me more of a realist person and explained me about all the other attorneys' exaggerated/false comments about my case and help me face the reality about my case.
    My case didn't look that good since i blew 3 times the legal limit and even fall of the chair while i was doing that and officers gave me refusal to blow which means a year of suspension of the drivers licence. I was told that it is very hard to get in to the divergance program where u stay on a probation and some other community service and many classes and ur case gets taken off your record in the end, becouse i used my divergance right before which is an one some other case, besides divergance is not something that they give to ones cought with 3 times the legal limit..
    Thanks to Mr. Duckworth he got me in that divergance program which seemed imposible for my case and helped me to make this truble go away. I highly recommend this great lawyer.