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J Erwin Dunlop

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  • 5.0 stars

    Posted by a client

    Excellent Attorney

    Mr. Dunlop is a excellent attorney that explains things to his clients in detail. He is honest and does not give you unrealistic expectations. My issue did take time to handle through multiple court dates but he told me what to expect through each hearings and with his advise I was able to overcome my issue.

  • 5.0 stars

    Posted by Frances

    Best attorney to have on your side!

    Erwin Dunlop has been my attorney for about 2 years. I live in a different state than where he practices and I am so glad I found him. I am not able to be present for my case but that is never an issue since I can depend on Mr. Dunlop to represent me as only he knows how to. He responds to my inquiries very fast, he keeps me up to date with everything, he is very knowledgeable and he is the type of attorney you want on your corner and not against you. When he represents you he has your best interest at heart. I will have him as my attorney as long as I have to, I trust him wholeheartedly and I highly recommend him.

  • 1.0 star

    Posted by Eric


    So a few years go by; been fighting for over 7 years and the biggest motion was coming up and it was so important I wanted to be represented. Irwin knows me, I spent $5000 with him a few years earlier for one 2- page motion, a few administrative motions + PHONE TIME (VERY IMPORTANT) I speak to Irwin thinking he will give me a break since I spent $5000 for not much NO REPRESENTATION IN COURT and not receiving anything back from the retainer. Irwin tells me he will represent me in my motion for $1500 AND I MAY EVEN HAVE MONEY COMING BACK! So I say YES, pay him $1500 we speak probably 90 minutes total back and forth he is very response; i'll give him that. Then one day he wants another $3000 out of nowhere to deposition the teachers??? I said mediation & he would not have it ? He told me "either you give me $3000 to deposition the teachers (which i was not comfortable with) or he could not move on"

    I said I don't like it but since I've already committed $1500 i don't want to JUST LOSE IT LIKE THE $5000 LAST TIME so give me a discount on the $3000 based on the $5000 that I spent a few years earlier with nothing coming back from the retainer. Irwin said he could not give me a discount "NO CAN DO" was his exact words. I was upset and basically called him out; he was insulted, withdrew from the case at that moment with no regard for my situation, where it would leave me, what I would do next. I could not understand someone you pay $300 an hr to who understands the levity of these court appearances would just discard me after he got paid with no regard to what would happen in that motion. He acted like he didn't care; that the motion was THE MOST IMPORTANT FAMILY MOTION IN MY LIFE and charged me $250 to file a motion to withdraw (FILE THE MOTION TO HAVE HIM WITHDRAWN YOURSELF & SAVE THE $250) He told me I spent over $1000 on phonecalls but he would just make it a $0 balance like he was doing me a favor??

    Irwin Dunlop had no regard for what I, the client wanted.
    Irwin Dunlop told me I would be charged $1500 then all of a sudden another $3000 for something he knew I did not want and it was either Irwin's way or the highway?

    I now have exactly what I want in my situation and in hindsight THIS ATTORNEY WAS THE BIGGEST MISTAKE I MADE FIGHTING FOR MY RIGHTS IN FAMILY COURT.

    If you need to speak to Irwin over the phone, please make sure to have a stopwatch handy and tim the call so you can access / compare the actual amount of minutes you spoke. Irwin's added minutes to my invoice so he would not need to refund any of the $1500 I gave him for 90 minutes of phone time, a few administrative motions (change of address, motion to withdraw ) NEVER REPRESENTED ME IN COURT AGAIN BUT MADE SURE TO SHOW UP IN PERSON TO WITHDRAW TO COLLECT $250 FOR THE DRIVE.

  • 5.0 stars

    Posted by Tannya

    Excellent lawyers

    I had a custody problem with my son (I'm divorced). Both Mr. and Mrs. Dunlop worked through the weekend to get things ready for the Court, They were really well-prepared and I got my son back. These people really care, and I would recommend them for any family law matter.

  • 5.0 stars

    Posted by John

    Good for My Custody Case

    I had to relocate for my job and Mr. Dunlop got the Court to order it, even though my ex was a jerk about it. Dunlop is a good lawyer, and he really knows how to get things done.

  • 5.0 stars

    Posted by a Divorce client

    Outstanding lawyer

    He is very good. He got me excellent results in my divorce and he always returned my calls. He is very impressive in Court as well.

  • 2.0 stars

    Posted by a Divorce client

    No Pleased

    I was not pleased in the way my case was handled. In my review of this lawyers performance, and trustworthness I feel as though I was under represented and and then quoted charges that were over inflated. Then because I could not come up with 10,000 dollars in two weeks my attorney withdrew himself and kept the remainder of my retainer - 3000 dollars after providing me with inflated charges out of the blue. Leaving me without any aditional funds to retain another lawyer. In my opnion not someone you want to represent you in such a desperate and tramatic time of your life.