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Craig Constantine Dethomasis

Craig Dethomasis’s client reviews

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  • You can't do better than Craig DeThomasis

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Stephen

    Craig DeThomasis is everything a good lawyer should be. He is professional, well-trained, experienced, courteous, prompt, and eminently qualified in the practice of legal defense. His courtroom presence is effective, authoritative and convincing. He gets the job done and gets it done well.

    I had occasion to enlist Mr. DeThomasis' services on behalf of my son when my son became involved in an alleged cyberstalking matter with a woman he formerly knew. The matter was really more of a misunderstanding than any malevolent action on the part of my son, but when the woman filed for a restraining order I knew my son would be best served by hiring a good lawyer to represent him in this matter.

    When I searched the Internet looking for an attorney who could do a good job of handling this type of case, I quickly found Mr. DeThomasis' name coming up again and again on legal websites as a both highly qualified and effective defense attorney.

    Then, after meeting with Mr. DeThomasis in person to review my son's case, it became quickly obvious to my son and to me that Mr. DeThomasis was the man for the job, and I quickly retained him to represent my son.

    During Mr. DeThomasis' service in my son's case he proposed and followed a very effective defense strategy, and he eventually obtained an outcome in court for my son that was very agreeable and acceptable to my son and to me. During his service, I also especially noticed that he treated my son's case not just as another job, but I could sense that he genuinely cared about my son's situation, and was very determined to give him the very best legal defense that he possibly could, and this he did very successfully.

    The experience that my son and I had with Mr. DeThomasis' defense of my son's case was entirely satisfying, and showed us an excellent example of how a highly qualified and capable defense attorney gets the job done. I wholeheartedly recommend Mr. DeThomasis to anyone in need of a good, talented and effective defense attorney.

  • When You Need The Very Best-Craig Surpasses All The Rest!

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Nicole

    Craig is the most professional and courteous person you will ever come across. While he was not defending me personally he was defending someone in the family and it affected everyone involved. Craig was available anytime we had a question, needed guidance, or just needed to talk. He never hesitated to take the case even though it would be challenging and would take up almost 2 years of his time. Craig gave selflessly to the cause and when the verdict sounded as Not Guilty we gathered in jubilee, as two long years came to a close and a family was able to mend its pieces. Craig will never give up no matter what the future looks like, and he is always in your corner. His mannerism in the courtroom surpass any TV show you have or will ever watch. His staff is always friendly and willing to assist in anyway possible, and even his family is giving of their time with him to ensure that he offers the best service available. I will continue to recommend Craig to everyone I see, even if they don't need legal help now, if they do they will know who to call.

  • Craig is the best!

    5.0 stars

    Posted by a Criminal Defense client

    I had a great experience with Craig as my lawyer. He came highly recommended from a friend of mine who is a lawyer and I can say that he actually outperformed my expectations. He was very friendly on the telephone, listened to my situation attentively, and told me of the most likely outcomes. He told me what the best case scenario would be as well as the worst case scenario. He communicated with me extremely well, always kept me updated on the case, and answered my questions promptly. I live in another state so all of my correspondence with Craig was over the phone or email. He handled everything without my presence in town. In the end, he delivered the most favorable outcome for my case. I highly recommend Craig.