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Thomas Klemens Almquist

Thomas Almquist’s Legal Guides

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  • DUI in Florida: Actual Physical Control- When Driving Isn't Driving

    In Florida, and many other states, you dont always have to be driving a car to be convicted of Driving Under the Influence. Yes, even if no one actually sees you driving, you can still be arrested, charged and even convicted of DUI. Part of the DUI law in Florida is that its ill...

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  • What to do and NOT do if you are pulled over

    We’ve all been there- you’re driving along and you see lights flashing behind you. “Oh no! What did I do wrong? Why are they stopping me?” Well, here are some DOs and DON’Ts for an interaction with police. First of all, DON’T believe what you see on TV or the movies; most of it is wrong.

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