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  1. Does doing community service mean you are on probation?

    Answered over 4 years ago.

    1. Lisa Ann Anderson
    2. Michael D. Fluke
    3. Richard A. Alexander
    3 lawyer answers

    Probation is not limited to narcotic charges, it can be imposed by any judge for any crime. Probation is a punishment the court places on you after you have entered a guilty/no contest plea or have been found guilty at trial. Often times prosecutors ask for probation as a mechanism to ensure that their victims have been reimbursed for their loss. Only after a criminal case has been resolved does the obligation to perform community service hours kick in and only if the judge orders it. In...

  2. Can you or should you send a letter to the DA if you know someone who is being charged with a crime, in support of that person?

    Answered over 4 years ago.

    1. Troy Austin Pickard
    2. Douglas Adam Green
    3. Lisa Ann Anderson
    3 lawyer answers

    It may be wise to check with your husband's attorney before sending any correspondence to a prosecutor. Most of the time, support letters can only help. In my practice, I usually have all letters written in support of my clients sent directly to me. On a rare occasion, I may choose not to pass a letter onto a prosecutor depending on the charge, the alleged victims, the politics involved with the prosecutor's office or the specific prosecutor---which is why I think its important for all...

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