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Luke Newman

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  • I have a Question Im beein charged with aggravted assault w/deadly weapon of the 3rd degree what is the maximum sentence?

    im only a minor and i got direct filed and now im waiting for trial. I did not try to shoot anybody but shootin at the ground. I have couple of witness's and they didnt find a gun so i need some advice from an expert

    Luke’s Answer

    The third degree felony carries a maximum prison sentence of five (5) years.

    The issue becomes more complicated if/when the State seeks to prosecute this offense under the “10-20-Life” law. If you are charged with Ag Assault Firearm and the State can prove you discharged the firearm “during the course” of the Ag Assault the offense carries a twenty (20) year sentence. If this happens, there are ways to try and avoid the twenty (20) year sentence based on your age.

    The "10-20-Life" law is located at Section 775.087, Florida Statutes if you want to take a look.

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  • Charges Have been dropped, but recently found out I have an active warrant for my arrest in PBA Florida.

    How do I get this warrant resolved.

    Luke’s Answer

    Okay. You’re saying charges have been dropped however you have an active warrant. The first issue is determining whether or not the active warrant stems from the same case as the dropped charges.

    If so, it shouldn’t be hard to get the warrant quashed. A criminal defense lawyer in Palm Beach County shouldn’t have a hard time figuring this out and then getting the warrant quashed.

    If not, there are two different cases, and a criminal defense lawyer in Palm Beach County will be able to work the case for you. If there are in fact two different cases; the criminal defense lawyer you chose may still be able to quash the warrant on your behalf.

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