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  • Relocating in Florida after a Divorce

    Florida Law has very strict laws regarding relocation and child custody after divorce or pending divorce. Many clients are in a position where they have a new job offer that will require relocation outside of Jacksonville. When there are minor children involved, the court require...

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  • Dividing Property in a Florida Ladivorce

    In a Florida divorce, is there such thing as non-marital property? Florida is a separate property state for the purposes of a divorce, meaning it is not a community property state like California. Therefore, when you enter into a marriage, any property you own or assets in your n...

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  • Florida Child Custody

    Florida Child Custody laws have changed. The most important change is the language for child custody. The term now used is "time-sharing". What this really means is that the minor child or children will share time between the parents. The intent of the change in the law is to enc...

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  • Alimony in a Florida divorce

    Alimony has made significant changes over the years and the future is uncertain with pending legislation and case law changing the interpretations every day.

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  • BUI: Boating under the influence; Florida Law

    Boating Under the Influence Florida Boating under the Influence ("BUI") cases are treated seriously, in part, because Florida unfortunate leads the nation in the yearly number of boating deaths. One third of all recreational boating fatalities involves the use of alcohol. In more...

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