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Rebecca Cook Black

Rebecca Black’s Legal Guides

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  • What to file with a 601 Waiver for Illegal Presence with the Embassy

    Your spouse "Francis" has gone to the embassy for his interview. Everyone believes that the marriage is bona fide but the problem is that he was in the US illegally for several months/years and they want a 601 Waiver to be filed showing extreme hardship to you, the USC if they de...

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  • What is the difference between an EAD and H1B or Permanent Resident?

    What is an EAD? The EAD or Employment Authorization Document is given when someone has an immigrant application (I-485) pending. When someone is here working under a temporary employment visa such as

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  • Como Prepararse para su Primera Cita con su Abogado de Immigracion.

    Hechos de Saber Primero, hay que saber como y cuando fue tu entrada a los Estados Unidos. Si entrastes legalmente con pasaporte or ilegalmente. Cuando fue? Tienes padres, esposos, o hijos con ciuda

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  • How to Respond to a Request for Evidence (RFE)

    Receiving the RFE When you receive the RFE, note the postmarked date on the front of the envelope and stamp or write the date received on the back of the envelope. Then, open the envelope and pull ou

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  • The Visa Number Bulletin and How to Read It

    What is the Visa bulletin For most of the people attempting to adjust status to that of Legal Permanent Resident or LPR, at some point they are at the mercy of the visa number backlog unless they are

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  • What is the PERM Labor Certification Process to becoming a Permanent Resident

    Preparing to file the Labor Certificate You will want a lawyer who is experienced in Labor Certification, as this process is complex w/special language. First, find a company that is willing and able

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