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  1. Car title transfer after death in FL

    Answered almost 2 years ago.

    1. Michael R Freed
    2. Barry A. Stein
    3. Dennis Michael Phillips
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    From the information that you have provided, it does not sound like a transfer would be necessary - that is, the car is and will remain an asset of the trust. That said, don't forget the most important detail of intelligent estate planning like that which you have created: actually rettitling your assets. If your trust treats the car as property of the trust but you have not retitled it, you have created nice documents but have not put them to use.

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  2. May I operate other businesses under my LLC umbrella without having to register them?

    Answered almost 2 years ago.

    1. Michael R Freed
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    Your question is a bit unclear to me. Generally speaking, your LLC is your business or your company. Absent a restriction in your organizational documents, you can do any combination of business within the LLC. You also can do business as one or more different names provided you register them as "fictitious names." There are good reasons at times (eg limiting liabilities from one business line to another) not to commingle business lines. But, if I understand your question, you can do what you...

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  3. I am from Europe and I want to form a Company with my US partner. How can we do this without me coming to the US?

    Answered about 2 years ago.

    1. Marshall C Deason Jr.
    2. Majid Vasigh
    3. Michael R Freed
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    If your partner is in the US your physical presence here should not be necessary. Please call if I can help direct you or your partner.

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  4. Is this Restrictive Covenant with no end date enforceable in Florida? - Insurance inspection industry.

    Answered almost 2 years ago.

    1. Rex Edward Russo
    2. Michael R Freed
    3. Staci H Genet
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    Under Florida law restrictice convenants are presumptively unreasonable if longer than 2 years.

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  5. What is required to prove breach of contract?

    Answered over 2 years ago.

    1. Randy T. Enochs
    2. Kimberly L. Alderman
    3. Nicholas C. Zales
    4. Stephen Joseph Cipolla
    5. Stephen Matthew Ferris
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    You have framed the question well. I'm sorry that you are dealing with this. The answer and resolution will be driven primarily by the express terms of your agreement as governed by the law in your jurisdiction. That said, one general principle of contract law is that a prior material breach by one party excuses the subsequent non-performance by the other. So, in this case, if you can demonstrate a material breach by the group, you may have an argument that you should be excused from...