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Julie K. Kurtz

Julie Kurtz’s Legal Guides

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  • Goals and Benefits of Depositions

    During the pre-trial phase of an injury lawsuit, both sides will conduct depositions as part of discovery. The deposition is conducted outside of the courtroom, usually in an attorneys office. Nonetheless, the meeting will be recorded by a court reporter for possible use in trial...

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  • Florida’s Bicycle Laws

    Many people choose to get around the historic streets of St. Augustine on bicycles, and with our mild winters and sunny days its easy to see why. Many cyclists also take long tours along scenic S.R. A-1-A or the many rural highways criss-crossing St. Johns County, but with bikes ...

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  • Does workers’ compensation cover a slip and fall at work?

    Valerie Walker v. Broadview Assisted Living and Chartis Claims, Inc.First District Court of Appeals Valerie Walker, a receptionist, slipped and fell at her place of employment while returning to her desk at work. She sustained a torn rotator cuff as a result of the fall and had ...

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  • What is Florida’s dangerous instrumentality doctrine?

    Floridas dangerous instrumentality doctrine imposes strict vicarious liability upon the owner of a motor vehicle who entrusts its use to another person. Originating from a 1920 Florida Supreme Court case, Southern Cotton Oil Co. v. Anderson, the dangerous instrumentality doctrin...

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  • Does signing a document with an exculpatory clause release an at-fault party from financial liability?

    Richard Hackett v. Grand Seas Resort Owners Association, Inc.5th District Court of Appeals Recently, a case in Floridas 5th District Court of Appeals proved that signing a release, waiver or document containing an exculpatory clause does not necessarily release a party from liab...

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  • Using a Smart Phone to Take Photos of a Car Accident Scene

    Thousands of people find themselves involved in a car accident each year. Whether at fault or not, the ordeal can be stressful, heartbreaking and financially challenging. However, a camera-equipped smart phone may be used as a tool to relieve some of the stress of dealing with th...

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  • Uninsured Motorist Coverage–To Stack or Not to Stack

    Anyone who has purchased auto insurance in Florida has been faced with the question, "Why should I carry stacked uninsured motorist (UM) coverage on a single car on my policy? What is there to stack upon?" Even if you have never considered this issue previously, it is an importan...

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  • The Florida Seatbelt Defense in Automobile Accidents

    Wearing a seat belt significantly increases the odds of surviving a car crash. Every hour someone dies in America simply because they didnt buckle up. Not only can failing to buckle up raise the chance of death or serious injury, it also could reduce the amount of compensation th...

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  • Changes to Florida PIP law: What you need to know!

    On January 1, 2013 a highly debated new PIP Statute went into effect which severely limits your rights to obtain your benefits under your own insurance. This new Florida PIP law, which will create extensive additional litigation between insurance companies and medical care provid...

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