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Jon Vincent Forehand

Jon Forehand’s Legal Guides

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  • Lawyers Helping Families Tip: Maximizing Social Security Benefits

    If you have been married multiple times, you are divorced or your spouse is deceased,you should consider the benefit of electing to collect Social Security benefits based on your spouse's earnings.

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  • Consumer Protection for Airline Passengers to Europe

    Understand your rights The European Union extends consumer protection to airline passengers. Regulation (EC) No 261/2004 provides common rules on compensation and assistance to passengers in the eve

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  • How to Prevent Affinity Fraud

    Know how the scheme works Affinity fraud con artists target members of a particular religious group, ethnic group or nationality. Often the con artist has the same religious affiliation, ethnic back

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  • How to Obtain a US Passport for a Child Under 16 When One Parent Does Not Consent

    Complete the Application For a U.S. Passport Complete Form DS-11. Submit Evidence of U.S. Citizenship Acceptable proof includes a certified copy of a birth certificate, Certificate of Citizenship or

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  • How to get tax exempt status for your non-profit organization

    Make sure your entity's governing documents are in proper order. Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code imposes certain requirements which must be followed. The IRS relies heavily on the spe

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  • How to Handle Qualified Investment Losses from a Ponzi Scheme

    Determine if you qualify for relief The safe harbor provision can be used only by a qualified investor in a taxable account, not a tax deferred account, where a lead figure was charged under federal

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  • How to Reduce Non-Profit Board Member Liability

    Become familiar with the organization's governing documents Most new board members undertake an orientation session. This orientation should include becoming familiar with the governing documents o

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  • A Guide for Georgia Clergy for Dealing with Confidential Information

    Understand what forms of communication are covered by the penitent privelege. Georgia has codified the clergy penitent privilege in O.C.G.A section 24-9-22. Because of the broad language of this cod

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  • How to Establish a Youth Protection Policy for Your Church

    Screen All Childcare Workers By screening all childcare workers your church can avoid claims of negligent hiring. Screening should include a written application process, interview, personal referen

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