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Paul H. Felser

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    Posted by a client

    When you need someone on your side, "hire Paul"

    After many years working with Paul and his staff, I have found to trust them as they truly are looking out for you. It's a big scary world when Work Compensation accuses you that you don't have an injury when you spend your days at home suffering. The government has it's own doctors that question your health after seeing you for 20 minutes. Your own doctors have treated you for 20 years. You need someone with the common sense, the intelligence to express to the world what you are going through, you need Paul. You need to be informed of your rights, you need Paul. And when they do take away your benefits, because government thinks it's right, you'll need Paul to get them back. Government is there to ware you down daily, take away your hope to provide for your family, to ultimately destroy you, physically and emotionally. Paul and his staff are there to stretch every dollar to it's full capacity . They have done an excellent job with what little money I can give them. I recommend Paul Felser and Ellen as they are truly genuine caring, intelligent, courteous people that you deserve to have working on your case.

  • 1.0 star

    Posted by a Workers Compensation client

    It Is What It Is....Attorney Paul Felser Gets Paid No Matter What The Outcome Of Your Case

    Very Disappointed,
    Mr. Paul Felser an attorney of Savanah, Georgia has been in business long enough to know that the government Department of Labor (DOL/process of reporting an injury) does not properly handle work injury cases and they dispute your claim every step of the way without proper justification. Processes are created involving time restraints that are next to impossible to keep. One government agency does not give you a copy of the police report in time to meet the time limits of DOL who rejects your case and this lacks justification and has held up my case proceeding in a manner that it should have.
    Mr. Felser charges very high fees and in my case I did not receive the correct case analysis from the DOL representative. In my case we presented all the facts. The police report stated with eye witness that I was pushed. Evidence of prior injuries that occurred while I was in the Army was given for review. My Doctors report stated that due to being pushed it aggravated by preexisting condition. I have been suffering with this condition for years and was told to live with the pain is better than an operation. After being pushed I was sent home while there was an investigation. I know neck pain and I know when my neck pain has been aggravated. Why did I wait so long to see a doctor? Here DOL puts time restraints on when you have to have information sent back to them and they have time restraints on when you should or should not have reported to a doctor after an injury. People have had neck and back injuries and years latter all of a sudden then became crippled. What took them so long to get crippled? Why did they wait so long? Maybe they should have been crippled sooner? At the point of being crippled is when the doctor will operate. I was not crippled; I was in pain at home like I was directed to do. Several years ago the Army doctor told me that he would not operate until I lost movement in my arms and legs. Even when my pain was elevated I still did not lose movement in my arms or legs. I went to the doctor after I was following the procedures of DOL when reporting an injury at work. That documentation proved the DOL representative with information from my doctor as to the existing condition of my neck. Still that was not enough to prove a causal relation between being pushed and the aggravation of a preexisting condition? This system is broke.
    Look at attorney Paul Felser’ s web page and see when he last won a case. Also if you compare the way FECA processes work injuries and the way the State processes work injuries you will see a big difference. Paul Felser has a gold mine, he gets paid either way. There are ethical questions that go along with what Paul Felser is doing. I think an attorney would fight a little harder if there his or her money and time invested in the pursuit of justice. That is why there are so few FECA attorneys because they would breach ethical values if they took money from a client and lost the case all the time knowing the process is broken and corrupt. Your best bet is to use your local Union for advice. The current government process that handles claims is an internal process without external review it will be and is a broke process. The government will tell you what is wrong with you; you and your doctor have no say so in the process. The government has the say so (authority) and that being said, that is that, like it or not, that is the way it is…. said my attorney Mr. Paul Felser. Felser is in the business of making money weather he wins or loses cases. As long as he gets paid, that is what counts in the long run, not his clients rights because the system as he said, is what it is. In fact the process favors people like Attorney Paul Felser who losses a vast majority of his cases. He has confidence when you first speak to him, but later he will ask you what we should do and he is supposed to be the one experienced in law.

  • 1.0 star

    Posted by jonathan doyle

    paul felser only cares about your money he dosent want to help you

    this lawyer only cares about money. I couldn't even tell him my situation because 10 minutes into falser wants to talk about payment and this lawyer falser has been my lawyer on my ongoing workers comp case so I had to fire him.