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Eugene C. Brooks IV

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  • Worker's Comp/Trucker

    I was injured at work in March of this year. Had injuries to my back and shoulder. I hired one lawyer who didn't do much or tell me much. There was no talking with this dude at all, no return emails, text, call, etc. I started Worker's comp with t...

    Eugene’s Answer

    Check with the Georgia Trial Lawyers Asso. to find a local lawyer who will meet with you and has an experienced staff. You can go to any doctor on the panel of physicians posted by your employer and can change to another doctor on the panel one time. You may have used your change of physician. Now that your employer is on notice and your claim has apparently been accepted by the carrier, be sure to keep up you doctor visits so that your condition can be monitored.

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  • Can my son reopen a settlement case he had no lawyer and signed and still needs help.?

    In 2010 my son signed a 100,000 dollar settlement being diagnose with PTSD I don't think he was not mentally well to sign such a settlement without a lawyer. And I think the contract company lawyers walked him though settling for this. He still is...

    Eugene’s Answer

    Opening such a settlement may be extremely difficult and would likely require a medical doctor's opinion that your son was mentally incompetent at the time of settlement. Also, based on the amount of the settlement, this settlement may have been for the insurance policy limits. Overturning a general release of a claim, which is a contract, particularly after the money has passed, is not the type of action generally favored by the Courts. But each case stands on the merits of its own facts.

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  • After being on HRT 35 years and contracting breast cancer can I sue the makers of the drug

    I took premarin from 1986 until May, 2011when I was diagnosed with Stage 1 Breast Cancer. My GYN said the benefits outweighed the risks. So now I am recuperating from radiation. Can I sue the manufacturer?

    Eugene’s Answer

    Most of the HRT cases have been in litigation for 7-8 years in an MDL based in Little Rock,Ark. These cases alleged that the combination of estrogen and a synthetic progestin made the drugs dangerous because of increased risk of breast cancer. Warnings were placed on all the estrogen drugs in approximately 2008 and so it is unlikely that you will have a failure to warn claim.

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