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  1. Do not recommend

    Posted by a Divorce client,
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    Kept me informed
    • I do not recommend Robert Gurd.
    • I hired Robert more than 3 years ago.
    • Robert handled my Divorce & Separation matter.
    • I have previously worked with 3-5 lawyers.

    This attorney was recommended 2 me by an advocate at Salvation Army. He was slow and too busy for my case. At first he made me feel comfortable telling me his wife had been through similiar situation and I should contact her. But he was so slow that my husbands attorney was a ble to make the first move of serving me divorce papers. My husband had a kick-ass attorney named Christina Cruse. She wanted 2 rip my soul out n shove it down my throat! She is very agressive and will get the job done if you are in need. If ya want help she is expensive n most worth it! Most do not understand the seriousness of Domestic Violence or Narcissistic PD. Robert Gurd is one of them. I went back 2 my husband. I felt I had no other choice. Robert had a chance 2 help me but failed. I think of him daily and how he let me down BIG TIME.

    1. Auden Lewis Grumet

      Auden Grumet

      Lawyer Comment:

      Sounds like this individual (you) is more upset and frustrated with the system than by what Mr. Gurd allegedly did or failed to do. By far the most telling statement of all is that you went back to your husband. Do you genuinely believe that the skill/promptness of an attorney, or lack thereof, negates or interferes with your ability and RESPONSIBILITY to make an independent decision about what is best for you in terms of interpersonal relationships? Surely not, and the fact that you attempt to shift the blame in such an absurd manner reveals to me that your judgment should be questioned. Any legal obstacles one may fact insofar as securing a divorce is concerned should have no bearing on whether one remains with a spouse - particularly when one apparently believes the relationship is not healthy or beneficial.

      Posted about 4 years ago. Flag