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Merlinus Goodman Monroe

Merlinus Monroe’s Legal Guides

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  • Georgia Adultery Guidelines (in brief)

    The basic test for the use of an allegation of adultery in a marriage situation in Georgia comes from the 1962 decision inJohnson v. Johnson,218 Ga. 28,126 S.E.2d 229, and can be summed up as proof of two things: 1. There needs to be a showing of an "adulterous disposition" (for ...

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  • Antenuptial Agreements in Georgia (in brief)

    Often in modern society, it seems a truism to the layperson that antenuptial and post-nuptial agreements, termed "prenups" are a given. However, that isn't necessarily the case, and Georgia has created special rules for the use of an agreement or contract in contemplation of marr...

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  • In Brief - the Uniform Interstate Family Support Act

    Before , I wrote about the Uniform Child Custody Jurisdiction and Enforcement Act, which is designed to address issues concerned with child custody that cross State lines in the United States (where enacted in State laws). However, another important aspect of family law is suppor...

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  • Georgia Temporary Alimony - a basic overview

    Section 19-6-3(a) of the Official Code of Georgia deals with temporary alimony. It reads as follows: (a) Whenever an action for divorceor for permanent alimony is pending, either party may apply at any time to the presiding judge of the court in which the same is pending, by peti...

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  • Georgia Custody Rights Between Parents and Third Parties

    The information in this guide comes in part fromGeorgia Divorce, Alimony Child Custodyby Dan McConaughey (2011-2012 ed., copyright by Thomson-Reuters), supplemented by the Official Code of Georgia. Best Interests of the ChildBetween a Parent and a Third Party Georgia (rebuttabl...

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  • Transfers of Guardianships to Georgia Juvenile Courts

    The Georgia Code provides certain guidelines for transfer of a case to juvenile court. The basic standard for transfers to juvenile court is found in Section 15-11-30.1 of the Official Code of Georgia subsection (a)(1), which states very plainly that "[t]he court is vested with j...

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  • A Brief on the Uniform Child Custody Jurisdiction and Enforcement Act

    A. Exercise of jurisdiction The only way that a modification of child custody may be had by a parent wishing to do so is to bring their action in the proper jurisdiction. Etzion v. Evans, 247Ga. 390 (Ga. 1981) (decided under former Uniform Child Custody Jurisdiction Act, now the ...

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