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Cynthia Lynn Counts

Cynthia Counts’s Client Reviews

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  • 5.0 stars

    Posted by C. Herman

    one of America's best First Amendment lawyers and GA Anti-SLAPP proponents

    I was served in April '14 in GA; this was the only time I have been sued. It was a terribly stressful time because I was struggling to make ends meet and with two small babies in diapers, my wife and I did not know where to turn for help. I asked the lawyer of a colleague if he knew a good attorney to help me in a defamation lawsuit. Without any hesitation, he emphatically told me, “Cynthia Counts is the best there is for that type of case”. The fact that my colleague’s lawyer knew of Cynthia and was so adamant in stating her abilities immediately gave me confidence because the referring lawyer is a criminal defense attorney whose clientele and case load are in a different realm of law than what my case was, yet he knew of Cynthia Counts and her abilities.
    I immediately called Ms. Counts and let her know who referred me to her. We agreed to have an initial consultation to discuss the case. Not having any previous experience in legal matters, I was concerned about being kept in the loop and having a comprehensive understanding of what was taking place, as I tend to be somewhat of a micro-manager, which is a difficult thing to be in a subject for which I had no formal training. It became apparent to me immediately that there was an added benefit when I learned that Ms. Counts is an adjunct professor, as she was able to frame things for me in an easy-to-understand context. Her teaching experience was also an added benefit because when I expressed my desire to be able to assist in my own defense, she gladly provided me the opportunity and gave me specific research assignments and tasks to be performed in order to help myself. She would then take the time to explain the results, meaning and impact of my research while all the time continuously teaching me and citing other precedents and GA case law concerning defamation and Free Speech. She also provided an in-depth and invaluable education in Georgia’s Anti-SLAPP legislation, background and intent.
    Furthermore, once we entered the courtroom for the first time and found out that the Plaintiff’s attorney steered the intended purpose of the initial hearing from evidentiary to something else, I got to see what Ms. Counts was really made of. She basically walked into an ambush on that first day in court and we were not prepared at all for where the first day lead us because it was supposed to be an evidentiary hearing that ended up being bifurcated, for which the first part was never disclosed in advance by the Counsel for Plaintiff but for which he was fully prepared. So we started our first day in court with the deck stacked against us, but in the end it did not matter because Ms. Counts knew the law.
    Because of her vast knowledge and depth of understanding of Georgia law, Federal law, Constitutional Law and her intimate familiarity with the Georgia Anti-SLAPP statute and precedents, she was able to successfully ward off the attack by Counsel for Plaintiff not only that day but two days later when we continued. Her courtroom delivery over those two days resulted in turning an ambush, and potential disaster, into the Judge issuing an order that protected my speech and resulted in Plaintiff’s immediate dismissal of the case.
    Throughout all phases of the case, Ms. Counts was always available either in person or via proxy through one of her diligent and well-written associates. Even when time constraints and schedule conflicts would have prevented other people from making time to talk, she was available and responsive through holidays, weekends, as well as nights. She is passionate about her work, knowledgeable about the law and is one of few that still believes in the truth above all else. If you are being sued for defamation or other alleged First Amendment violations and you were right and you were just in your actions, Cynthia Counts is the lawyer for you.
    She is highly recommended by me; simply 'Google' Cynthia Counts and the results speak for themselves.

  • 5.0 stars

    Posted by a Civil Rights client

    Excellent First Amendment / civil rights and trial attorney - very well-prepared and competent.

    Cynthia worked on my trial on false criminal charges that stemmed from a civil rights violation. She has demonstrated a thorough and in-depth knowledge of First Amendment and other constitutional and civil rights case decisions and a willingness to think outside the box. I consider her to be a first-rate attorney, especially for media and free speech matters.

    When questioning one of the witnesses at my trial, Cynthia was matter-of-fact, calm, and professional in working inconsistencies out of the witness. When writing motions, she cited an extensive case law history that applied to my specific case - demonstrating to me that she works hard on her cases.

    Also, Cynthia is one of the most ethical and trustworthy attorneys I would recommend - her manner of speaking is very straightforward and her presentation skills are first-rate. She arrived early for my continuance sign-ins to avoid the huge waste of time that I've seen other defense attorneys put on their clients, and her court time was used efficiently and appropriately during trial. It was a truly healing experience being vindicated at trial.

    As a client, I have been treated with respect and dignity and was followed-up with promptly on questions. This is one lawyer I will always have on my short list to refer other people to, especially regarding civil rights matters.

  • 5.0 stars

    Posted by Lisa

    Number 1 Lawyer in Atlanta

    I have an extensive history of working with Lawyers but I can say that Cynthia is indeed the best I ever had to work with. She was not only incredibly knowledgeable in her craft but she was extremely compassionate. Cynthia is the type of lawyer who gives real personal attention to her cases and makes her client's needs a priority. She is expertly skilled and knowledgeable but also has the personality it takes to be a top trial lawyer. It was great to see the other side "squirm" when they knew I had hired Cynthia Counts. I would recommend her to my friends and family as well as professional colleagues. If you want to win a case hire Cynthia Counts of Counts Law Group.

  • 5.0 stars

    Posted by Peter

    Excellent Libel and Defamation Attorney

    I hired Cynthia to represent me in a libel and defamation case. She exceeded every expectation. She made constant effort to understand my concerns as a client. She worked exceptionally hard to represent my interests. Then she went beyond that to make sure that I was fully and completely compensated and shielded from further damage - all at a very reasonable rate. I am more than glad to refer her. In fact, I am an attorney myself and I am more than glad to refer her to my own clients when they have libel/defamation issues. This attorney goes above and beyond expectations.