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Rebecca Bumgarner Rojas

Rebecca Rojas’s Answers

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  • I need an attorney to file g28 and daca.

    My friend is beinf from ice custody contingent on an attorney faxing a g28. I need an attorney in Georgia to fax that form and file an application for daca. Please contact as soon as possible.

    Rebecca’s Answer

    The reason why your friend was placed in ICE custody will be important to whether or not he can be released as well as to whether or not he can apply for DACA. If your friend is not eligible to be released, simply filing a G-28 will not result in ICE releasing him. I would strongly suggest that you contact an attorney with experience in removal defense to assist your friend with this issue. This attorney should be able to submit a G-28 right away, and if this does not result in your friend’s release the attorney will be able to file for a bond with an Immigration Judge, assuming your friend is eligible.

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