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William Murrey Ordway

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  • Can I get child support for my three-year-old son?

    My marriage split up over a year ago. We went to a lawyer for an uncontested divorce and I paid the first half of the fee. Months later, my husband hired his own attorney because he wanted joint physical custody of our son, who is three. He also s...

    William’s Answer

    The short answer is yes, you can get child support for your son. I would recommend that you seek primary physical custody of the child, who would live with you. Your husband would be required to pay you child support. Your lawyer should request a hearing to get you temporary child support, use of the marital home, and perhaps alimony and attorney fees to help you out until the divorce is final. In the meantime, set up a mediation to try to resolve these issues short of trial. The car is marital property regardless of whose name it is in if it was purchased during the marriage. Discuss these matters with your lawyer.

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