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  1. What legal actions can I take if the custodial parent is not allowing scheduled routine visitation? Can I file for contempt?

    Answered over 1 year ago.

    1. Suzanne Michelle Hovastak
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    It is important for you to have the legal mediated parenting plan agreement submitted to the Judge, signed and filed with Superior Court. Only then can you ask the Courts to help you enforce the terms of the agreement.

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  2. Can you have two child support cases opened on the same child in two different counties..

    Answered 12 days ago.

    1. Alake Oni Colwell
    2. Suzanne Michelle Hovastak
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    It seems as if you need to hire an attorney to untangle the web in DFCS. There should not be two (2) cases on the same child in two (2) separate counties. You are going to need a professional. Keep in mind that DFCS offices have extremely large case loads. Couple that with the extremely high employee turn-over rate to understand why your situation needs someone familiar with DFCS to help straighten out the issues. This should be done as soon as possible to avoid a license suspension and to...

  3. Are there any attorneys who advocate for the father who needs to have child support set to a fair amount?

    Answered 12 days ago.

    1. Drew Norman Early
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    3. Suzanne Michelle Hovastak
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    Yes, there are many attorneys that would be willing to look at your case. When you have your initial meeting, it is important that you bring your current child support order, proof of income (paystubs or tax returns) and proof of your expenses. There are ways to get child support modified and each day you wait you remain liable for the full ordered amount. Time is of the essence - I suggest finding an attorney today. The attorney will be able to give you advice based on your specific...

  4. How do I get a passport for my daughter if I am the custodial parent?

    Answered 12 days ago.

    1. John Taylor Hopkins IV
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    4. Suzanne Michelle Hovastak
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    I am sorry this happened to you. Both parents must be present to apply for a passport OR sign an official form providing consent. If one parent cannot be located there is another form that is used to explain why you need the passport without the parent's consent AND how you tried to obtain consent. It seems as if you used a private agency for your passport application - they charged $280 and that is MUCH higher than the US government fees. The private agency should have explained this to...

  5. How do I file for a motion for the court to grant me permission to travel with my kids on vacation as their father is refusing

    Answered almost 5 years ago.

    1. Suzanne Michelle Hovastak
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    If your divorce/custody documents outline obtaining a written consent prior to leaving for vacation then you will need to petition the court. This can be done by filing a motion with the superior court clerk where the original divorce/custody case was heard. Remember a motion is just asking the Judge to do something that he has the authority to do. So, basically you will just write down what you want to do, explain why it is in the best interest of the children to go on vacation and then...

  6. My child graduated hs and is 18 years old , do i have to go back to court to make it final to terminate child support .

    Answered over 1 year ago.

    1. Suzanne Michelle Hovastak
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    The answer to your first question, "my child is 18, do I have to go back to court to terminate support", can only be answered by reading the terms of your order. And, I am a bit confused by your second question, "can my ex take me to court for college support" because it appears your child is 18 and no longer minor - that typically means that court-ordered support is over..

  7. Will I lose custody? do I have a chance?

    Answered over 1 year ago.

    1. Suzanne Michelle Hovastak
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    The fact that you are going to move to another town will certainly play a role in the Judge's decision. The Judge will make a decision based on the "best-interest" of the child. You would be expected to show why moving to another town would be in the children's best interest. Be prepared to discuss the new school district, plans for the children to visit their father/family members, etc. Not all change is harmful, but is this move what is best of the children? You lawyer is providing...