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Leslie Ann Diaz

Leslie Diaz’s Answers

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  • Can a person apply for provisional waiver if their is a 1st degree forgery on record?

    A family member received a 1st degree forgery when he was 17 years old. He is now married to a U.S citizen and has 2 U.S citizen children. He entered the country illegally. They want to start consular process but wants to know if that forgery will...

    Leslie’s Answer

    If your family member actually was convicted of this crime as an adult and the crime was a felony, he most likely will not be able to do the provisional waiver process. However, there are a lot of factors to take into consideration, including whether he was charged as an adult or juvenile, whether he was actually convicted, and how long his sentence was. He really needs to consult with an experienced immigration lawyer to do the analysis before filing anything with the immigration service. Before scheduling a consultation, it is very important that he obtain all records relating to the arrest so that the immigration attorney will have all of the information that he or she needs to conduct the proper analysis.

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  • My friend what's to know if she can move her court to other state? (I migration case)

    My friend she came from salvador and she is leaving with a foster parents they are taking care of her and the baby she has.... she it's turning 18 but she dnt wanna stay in that house ... they toll her that she had to wait to all the courts of ...

    Leslie’s Answer

    If your friend moves to another jurisdiction and can establish her address there, through obtaining a driver's license, lease, utility bills, etc, then the court will grant her request to move her case to another jurisdiction. This will not necessarily affect the ultimate outcome of her case and whether she will be deported. She really needs to consult with an experienced immigration attorney to explore what options she might have to remain in the country. Additionally, if she is in fear for her safety from the foster parents, she needs to report that to the authorities.

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