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Marvin Stephens Arrington Jr.

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  • Can you file an answer" And" a counterclaim (together) in response to a contempt action for C/S and med bills? Separate action?

    Ex failed to pay full amount of C/S and reimburse for medical bills. Petition for contempt was filed. He filed an answer with a counterclaim. I've been told Fulton Co doesn't allow that. I was told he has to file a separate action. (After all, I...

    Marvin’s Answer

    You can file an answer and counterclaim in response to any action. I think you mean child support by C/S. You can not file a counterclaim for Custody in Fulton County, but you can certainly file a counterclaim asking for other items to be paid.

    You should have an attorney help you with this. Is he working? Does he have the means to pay? Are you in violation of the order. All of these things are important.

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  • Is usage of remixed part of possibly copyrighted photo can classified an copyright infrigement?

    Is it copyright infrigement to create graphic design containing slightly remixed (colors changed to blueish, used only pallette of 7 colors, so only basic shapes/shades were included) part of some image? Image is nothing very original - it's phot...

    Marvin’s Answer

    Typically, a picture is copywritten as soon as it is taken. What you are describing is called a derivative work. You are taking an original work which may or may not be copywritten, but which likely is copywritten. You are changing the existing image by adding colors and different designs. You should assume that it is copywritten if the artwork and photo were good enough to catch your eye.

    I would suggest that you spend money on a graphic designer and have them sign a contract that shows that their work is a work for hire and that you will be the owner of any and/or all work created by them.

    I would not risk printing up shirt s and/or other merchandise only to risk getting a Cease and Desist Letter by the copyright owner.

    The practical side is typically they won't come after you until you start making some noise and get some articles featured in magazines, that is if you're printing up 100 shirts or less then you may be able to get away with it, but it would still be copyright infringement. It just wouldn't rise to the level of a manufacturer printing 100,000 shirts a month with the design. The latter would be a more ready target for a copyright infringement lawsuit.

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  • My license is suspended. Will that automatically cancel my insurance policy?

    I am not driving my vehicle until I get this resolved. But daughter is using the vehicle and I want to make sure that everything is okay. Especially since I have a family insurance plan and the policy covers 3 vehicles in my name.

    Marvin’s Answer

    No this will not automatically cancel your insurance policy. However since you are not licensed to drive you may want to look at changing your policy over into someone else's name perhaps who may use your car to drive you around. The last thing you want to do is to get caught driving on a suspended license as it will only prolong the amount of time of your suspension. Typcial suspensions are six (6) months, one (1) year, two (2) years, and five (5) years, after several suspended license convictions.

    Even if the insurance company were to suspend your license they typically send a notice at least thirty (30) days before doing so and typically you will have the opportunity to cure.

    The real question is why is your license suspended and what can you do to get a new license.

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  • I live in Paulding County Georgia. My home was auctioned on 11/2/2010. Is there a postpondment on auction auction

    when you are trying to modify your loan with the same mortgage company? Please advise. I had emailed the servicer several times asking about the modification and if there was going to be a postpondment on the sale. Not one of my emails were res...

    Marvin’s Answer

    There are actions that you can take to undo the foreclosure/auction. Typically, homes are retained by the sellers and no one else buys them on the steps. The lenders typically have departments that use agents to sell the properties. You can stay in your home and fight for up to two (2) years but you may have to pay monthly rent into the registry of the court. You should also look at This is Obama's program to help homeowners stay in their homes. They will work with banks to help guarantee loans.

    You can also file an injunction to undo the foreclosure if it was not conducted properly or if the mortgage company did not do something properly. Additionally, you can also file a notice of Les Pendes to put the world on Notice that there is a dispute as to the ownership of the property.

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