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  1. Personal injury attorney

    Answered about 3 years ago.

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    You should do your research in your area where you live. You will need an attorney licenses in your state. This site is a wonderful resource as well. Search for attorneys in your area and make some calls. Go with an attorney who you feel comfortable with. The consultations will likely be free. Also speak with your friends for their opinions. Good luck.

  2. Spent a night in a highly recognized hotel chain in Dallas, TX and woke up with over 50 bed bugs bites.

    Answered about 3 years ago.

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    I agree with my colleagues. Consult with an attorney and properly document everything that has happened. Be sure to take photographs.

  3. What type of lawyer do I need?

    Answered about 3 years ago.

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    What you are asking is technically more of a consumer debt/collection matter. I would suggest you speak with an attorney who handles debt matters, but as a preliminary starting point I would suggest you at least try and negotiate a settlement with the dentist. Perhaps you can work out an arrangement that suits both of you. Good luck.

  4. Can I sue a gum company after finding a piece of metal in the gum I was chewing

    Answered about 3 years ago.

    1. Cephus Richard III
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    Unfortunately, believe it or not these things happen more often than we may realize. However, based on your question it looks like you did not suffer any damages, and therefore no, you do not have a case. Here's why: in any case in which you’re claiming negligence, four elements must be established: (1) duty (2) breach of that duty (3) causation of harm, and (4) damages. Every injury case must include liability - someone did something that is considered negligent. The case also requires...

  5. Can I sue my neighbor for getting attacked by their two pitbulls?.

    Answered about 3 years ago.

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    The quick answer is, yes you can. Each state has different laws regarding dogs and leash law violations. However, your neighbor had a duty to prevent their dogs from attacking. This is a clear case. You should consult with a personal injury attorney who is familiar with dog bites in Wisconsin. Good luck.

  6. My husband leaves at night to be with other woman comes back next afternoon to have dinner as a family could that be.

    Answered about 3 years ago.

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    Each state has different laws governing divorce. In terms of personal injury, you must be able to show damages. Other than being a poor husband, I don't know what you will be able to establish in terms of a wrong committed by your husband.

  7. If your in an accident and you exchange insurance and then leave the scene before the cops come can you get in trouble?

    Answered about 3 years ago.

    1. Mark Steven Humphreys
    2. Marc Christopher Lenahan
    3. Darren M. Tobin
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    The simple answer is you should wait, but if you didn't you probably are fine. You should wait for the police as the policeman will prepare an accident report and give citations if necessary. Having said that you have an obligation to exchange driver and insurance information before leaving the scene or else you could be charged with fleeing the scene of an accident which is a serious offense. Here are some tips if you have been in a car crash: 1.First and foremost, if anyone needs emergency...

  8. What is the statue of limitations for personal injury claim in Arizona?

    Answered about 3 years ago.

    1. Christopher J Zachar
    2. Paul D Friedman
    3. Darren M. Tobin
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    If you are working with an attorney I am quite confident that he or she will not make the mistake of missing the deadline by which to file your suit. In most states, the SOL (Statute of Limitations) is 2 years for a personal injury action (it differs in other areas of the law.) However, each state is different. In Arizona, the statute of limitations for a personal injury action is 2 years after it accrues. Again, speak with your attorney as I doubt he is simply waiting around. Good luck.