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  1. Are these considered serious injury? whiplash, herniated disc requiring fusion surgery, 2 surgeries of right shoulder,

    Answered over 5 years ago.

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    You have a serious claim and you should seek a qualified attorney who focuses their practice on serious injuries and fatalities. Avvo is a good resource to help you appreciate the differences in skill level among different attorneys. You should also choose an attorney who is experience in the medicine found in these types of injuries. If the defense team cannot challenge your case on liability, they will challenge on whether all of your injuries were caused by the collision. It sounds...

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  2. I fell asleep at the wheel and hit a mailbox in my neighborhood. Arrested for a hit and run. Should i fight?

    Answered over 5 years ago.

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    You should consult with a qualified criminal defense attorney before making any decisions regarding your case. There are several ways an attorney may provide a defense in your situation. While my practice is focused on serious injuries and fatalities involving autos, commercial trucks and motorcyles, my thoughts would focus on whether the elements of a hit and run- as established in your jurisdiction- have been met. Best of luck. If you are in the Georgia Area, feel free to contact me for...

  3. In Ga do all siblings have to join in a wrongful death action for their mother who died without a spouse?

    Answered over 5 years ago.

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    No, typically one sibling might take up the right of recovery. Any proceeds would then be distrubuted according to a formula set by Georgia Law. For example, I currently have a case in the Georgia Court of Appeals involving a wrongful death recovery for a significant auto crash. In that case, the minor child is seeking to pursue the right of recovery through a guardian. In the event, there are any other siblings who later appear, the present minor child would still pursue the right of...