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Anthony Charles Kalka

Anthony Kalka’s Legal Guides

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  • So I’ve been in a car accident– What do I do?

    The average driver in the U.S. will file a collision claim once every 17.9 years. The odds of going your entire life without being involved in an automobile collision are very low. So what happens wh

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  • Another reason to use Uber - Better protection for you!

    Seemingly overnight, UBER changed the landscape of the vehicle for hire service. By using the “app” on your smartphone, you are connected to a professional driver within a matter of minutes. Easy to

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  • 5 Common Myths about Georgia Injury Claims

    You will find this to be insightful and a general, educational guide on Georgia accident claims. This is not designed to provide specific legal advice, as each case is unique. The subject matter is for informational purposes only and is based upon Georgia law.

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