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  1. Car accident

    Answered about 3 years ago.

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    You should immediately contact your former insurer to notify them of and provide them with copies of all of the documents you received. Many insurance policies have provisions in them that their coverage is contingent upon you giving them proper and timely notice of any lawsuits against you so that they can mount a proper defense. Depending on how your policy reads, they may also provide you with legal counsel. If they do provide you with legal counsel, that attorney should be able to more...

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  2. Filing separate lawsuits (property damage, personal injury) from same incident.

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    While you can technically file separate lawsuits for personal injury and property damage in most jurisdictions, it's not the most economical way to resolve your damages. Most insurance carriers look to settle both types of damages in one action. Contact an attorney in your jurisdiction to see if they see any advantages to you in filing them separately.

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  3. Can a lawyer get me help when i was stsbed on morgen jewelers house property? i was told i could sue. docs ins im not greedy .

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    There are statutes of limitation which govern the time period within which you have to file a personal injury lawsuit. Depending on your age at the time of the incident, the statute might be tolled until you reach the age of majority. Based on the little bit of information you have provided here, coupled with the fact the the incident allegedly happened before 1980, and you would have reached the age of majority sometime in or around 1989, the statute of limitations has probably already run,...

  4. Can mediation be used in court?

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    Mediations are generally confidential by design so that it fosters open and honest discussion between the parties. In Georgia, for example, the parties are asked to sign an agreement that prohibits them from trying to subpoena the mediator and protects all settlement negotiations discussed. There are some limited exceptions, however, with respect to any threats of violence, as an example. Other than that, mediation can be a useful tool for resolving conflicts in lieu of trial.

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